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12/30/2018 Update My first-in-series books, Spanking (Submission Island 1), Sold (The Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM 1) and Truckers (Curvy & Alpha Menage 1) are free periodically. Others are free during special sales, and are sometime offered at 99c or as much as 75% off. The deepest discounts are available during Smashwords’ sales.

Here are the links to my books:


Apple ibooks


Spanking Free on Kobo

Barnes & Noble

Spanking Free now on B&N (It isn’t always) 

“An island devoted to your fantasy, wow. So far I’m very impressed with plot, character build and attention to descriptive glory. Really puts you right there with Cleo” Anonymous B&N reader


Here are a few of the websites and newsletters I use for finding free sexy books. Many books sites don’t allow erotica, and some bar all books with erotic scenes. Not a world I want to live in!

I like to give as much love as possible to sites that help readers find my books. Please be aware that you might find content that you may find disturbing, objectionable, or triggering on some of these sites. Always check a book’s price before downloading. These sites aren’t responsible for the prices. 

The Naughty List Update: This is now with Shameless.

This is one of my favorite sites for browsing erotica. The taste level on this site works well for me. There’s a wide range of hot books, including erotic romance.

You’ll find MF, MM, menage, BDSM, ganged action, bisexuality, billionaires, shifters and more. The selection includes top names in erotica plus newcomers.

The Naughty List features lots of explicit books with professional covers. The site has a clean layout and spacious listings, big pluses for enjoyable browsing.


Portrait of elegant  woman

Shameless Book Deals

This New Zealand site features many flavors of erotica — straight, gay, lesbian, menage and kinky. The books range from top-selling erotic romance to hardcore ganged action. It’s got a good layout and quality control (rumored to be a team of excitable salmon), so you get a broad selection of erotic books that generally have good-looking covers.

One of my favorite features of Shameless Book Deals is that you can customize the newsletter. No doubt some of my topics are turn-offs for some readers, so they can spare themselves. 🙂 Likewise, some erotica niches make me hot and others ruin my appetite. I tend to keep subscriptions to newsletters that give me the option to select my interests, sexual and otherwise.

Free Books for Kindle on Reddit

This is an open-to-all list of free Kindle books, so quality varies. It includes fiction and non-fiction of all kinds. Based on one quick browse, there isn’t much sex. But I add some on occasion.

B Club 4 blu tint
The Billionaires Club: Books 1-3

As far as I can tell, there’s no rule against erotica or other sexual content. It’s run by Fussy Librarian.

BTW, when you subscribe to the Fussy Librarian newsletter, you get to specify what kinds of books you want, and your preferred content ratings.

No one warned me that one day my books would be curated by wildlife. Nor that I’d have to ask readers to review my books so that I can qualify for more book promotions to increase my shot at keeping my business alive. Still, this beats every job I’ve ever had.

More to come. Not out to slight anyone I haven’t included this time. I have a book to finish!

You can find more promoters, newsletters and websites for free and bargain ebooks in my shout out post for great promoters.

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