Cat Marketing Team

Welcome to my new adventure in Ebook Cat Marketing. Thanks to the cooperation of my fabulous neighboring felines, we’re participating in the worldwide pastime of cats distributing their wonderfulness via the Internet. At any time, they may begin reading my ebooks and telling me what they think of them. In the meantime, this boy lost his self-consciousness by capturing a chair leg.

Full engagement. Cat Zen.




I was inspired to try this by a wonderful cat marketing author on Twitter. This doesn’t imply she endorses anything on this site.


The deck, redwoods and ridge require his attention.

My neighbors adopted him from an animal shelter. On this page, he demonstrates some of the many cat activities that limit his reading time. IMG_20160605_090152IMG_20160608_210023

Here he is at rest at the author’s knee, taking a break between command belly rubs.

And at last, after a long day of attacking chair legs, patrolling the meadow, meowing for treats, and rolling over for belly rubs, he makes time to check out one of my book listings on Amazon. Such a wonderful cat!

By this time, it was dark on the deck. Those are his ears in front of my laptop screen. I took these pictures with my Kindle Fire. It’s my first Kindle. I bought it for the cats.

In our original negotiations, with permission from his humans, he indicated cat treats and belly rubs will be sufficient reward for being photogenic.

More attention now.

It’s clear already that he wants to be petted more often than he wants to read. We’re having a good time. When I  visit, we have fun and if he’s agreeable to it, I take pictures.

In a future post, I’ll go into his sister’s preference for horror over Dave Barry. I got them a case of their favorite cat food and two kinds of cat treats. I grew up with a Siamese cat everyone in the family referred to as my sister, and I’ve had the pleasure of being cat-owned, so I know the cat credo, ‘make it worth my while.’

Got you, chair leg!