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Welcome to Q. Zayne Books, the dirty division of Hughes Empire. I started updating this site and realized the welcome is way out of date. I survived my second year as a self-published author. Thanks to adventurous readers like you, I’m still writing fiction for a living.

I expanded my erotica line. You get more BDSM and a new line of hunky, kinky blue collar heroes who enjoy three-on-one action with a curvy heroine. Truckers is one of my most popular short stories.

truckers-q-zayneLast month, I released the 6th episode of The Billionaires Club, Hunted: Athena. Last week, I released Spanking, the first episode of Submission Island, an intimate BDSM series featuring a smart, curvy twenty-eight year-old heroine. It’s a romantic one-on-one adventure set on a Caribbean island. I’m making the most of living near such delicious settings for sexy fun.

I jettisoned almost everything and took off for the Yucatan last September. I’m still here. As a self-published author I would have gone under last fall if I’d stayed in California, where remaining alive is priced out of my reach. Hell, I couldn’t afford to die there.

Now in a land of plentiful inexpensive food, where I’m still shocked I get to have a housekeeper on my frugal budget, I’m enjoying great weather and writing hot books. Thanks for joining me.

For the record, Viv Phoenix, Aly First, Bo Ryder and Angel Call are mine, too. 🙂

Here’s the original welcome message:

Greetings. Hughes Empire came into being thanks to the suggestion of the amazing D. She’s an accomplished self-published author who pointed the way to the erotica adventure. She’s been supplying invaluable feedback and encouragement the whole time.

It’s been a wild ride.

Q. Zayne Books is a division of Hughes Empire, publisher of edgy ebooks. The books include erotica, erotic horror, dark fantasy and thrillers.

Virgin Captive box sm

These are books that take risks. They’re intended for adventurous readers.

The initial vision and early books were much more bisexual than the present catalog. One of the greatest challenges has been learning to write and market books that are at least in the vicinity of the kind of books we enjoy, while producing books that actually sell. The selling bit is crucial because without an audience buying the books, there would be no Hughes Empire.

Mr. Beast 3

Improving sales and an increase in reviews are making it possible to have some confidence that we’ll make it through our second year of publishing. Whew.

We still believe there are readers who like unusual books, character-driven hardcore erotic books, erotica with an emotional range and plots that go beyond ‘these people were horny and they fucked.’ We believe in edgy ebooks and the readers we love as we write them.

I hope you’ll join us for our second year of adventures in sexual entertainment.

Innocent Captive box 2

Innocent Captive ~ Taboo  Rituals: The Mayan Apocalypse serial

Ancient evil and forbidden love threaten a feisty virgin in the Amazon jungle


Losing It in Africa, a BBW &  billionaire first boss interracial menage thriller

Yay, MMF bisexual poly three-way kinky love and an adventure plot with bad guys!

Dirty Parts < link to cover

Yeah, a whole book with nothing but the dirty parts. We do that with our books too, sometimes. That’s why there are ads for Kindle pointing out that it’s designed for one-handed reading. Finally, Amazon shows sex writers some love!


A box set of nasty & dirty-romantic medical fetish & gyno episodes!

Actual title will appear by magic prior to publication.

We’re also considering publishing Queer Basement Tales, a big-ass bundle of all those fun books we published early on that tanked. But doing that would take our limited time and money away from books that make money, so that project is teetering on the shelf. We like to eat and we’re addicted to organic coffee, plus we live in California where the price of gas, housing, and death are outrageous.

Monster Lover 3Bad Werebear smNew Woman 2

The book covers link to the ebook listing pages on Amazon. Their rankings remind us why we no longer publish such things. Sadness.

We got such a kick out of those books. We love the characters: the  bisexual adventurous monster lover, Vanilla Mars; her gay counterpart, Rex Skyweather, dominated by a Mexican werebear and shared with huge prehistoric creatures, and our beloved young gender queer prostitute, Marc/Shere in ancient Rome.

Oh dear, these books don’t have any stepbrothers getting their sisters pregnant! What were we thinking? Maybe they represent our innocence, when we believed we could write books that are fun and sexy for the pleasure of it, and other people would find them and want them. Oh, the loss of innocence!

Early on we tried a queer bundle, BI SEXY, but it proved so unpopular it’s no longer live. It was a mercy killing.

bi sexy 5

As for a new book we can afford to publish, at the moment it’s a race between

1. another paranormal bundle to follow HIS to KEEP

2. BOUGHT – the sixth episode of The Billionaires Club, or

3. another taboo short to follow Secret Sunshine.

The winner will be determined by, yes, what’s bringing in the bacon! At present, His to Keep: Paranormal Possessive Alphas, Capture: Wrecked Innocent and Secret Sunshine: A Taboo Short are underperforming, despite strong promotions, and in the case of the taboo short, an unprecedented 7 reviews on its first free day.

Big News:

Q. is writing a dangerous novel. It makes the risks of all the previous books look like playing with matches on cement. Follow us: @HughesEmpire on Twitter for tiny reports.

Because filling out promo forms is making us freaking crazy, Q. is considering alternatives to self-publishing this scary book. Interested publishers and agents may form an orderly line to the left.


It’s also possible that we’ll take a vacation. We haven’t had an entire day off in months. The sleep deprivation from our grueling schedule is beginning to result in hallucinations. We know Dave Barry, Chuck Tingle, Hugh Howey, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling aren’t asking us out and offering to blurb our books.

Thank you for reading. Feel powerful. When you download an ebook, you’re voting for the kind of books you want to live to reproduce. We’re back on the breeding thing. Ditto to the Nth degree when you write a review on Amazon, even a super short one. Your reviews can make or break a book. Nothing against Goodreads and other review venues, it’s just that when it comes to qualifying for promotions that could take this business to the next level, it’s all about Amazon.

Seduced 7

We will admit in the privacy of our top secret headquarters that we do not wish to support Amazon dominance via exclusivity. Getting free of it is a pain. Back to that stuff about our wanting to continue eating and sleeping indoors. Not even kidding.

Our grand plan is to move to Central America this summer. This will provide the dual benefit of allowing us the delusion that we’re taking a vacation even though we will be publishing continuously as always, and it will reduce our overhead so that we may offer you better books, books we’ll be able to spend more time creating once the wolf’s snapping jaws are farther away from our tender parts. Freaking wolf must have a stepsister somewhere.

Now you know as much about what I’m doing as I do.

Love, Q

and the cast of Hughes Empire,

some of whom have fur and are clamoring to have their pictures taken.

Stay tuned as cats and dogs continue to take over the Internet.

PS: Hughes Empire books are now appearing on Smashwords, Kobo, Apple ibooks, Barnes and Noble, GooglePlay, and Tolino. This is a work in progress as we pull out of the Kindle Unlimited program. Most of our books will be available to borrow in KU for three months only, and some books will never be available in KU. We hope to increase our audience on multiple storefronts and provide greater access to our books for readers who prefer other retailers. We also believe that participating in a wide selection of storefronts is better for the health of publishing and for the longevity of our adventure.

Werewolf's First Love new 6

Dirty Knight 4g

Check out my hot paranormal romances written as Aly First. Each one features a virgin and her alpha fated mate. 🙂

Dirty Knight is available on all retailers where my books are sold, and Werewolf’s First Love will be making its way beyond Amazon soon.

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