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The happiest change in my publishing life: Most of my books are now available on all major bookstores and outlets—the ones that allow Erotica. Most of my books feature BDSM and detailed sex scenes, ranging from hard and romantic MF to rough action with multiple men on one woman. Many of my books star curvy heroines with an older dom, and almost all of them have a multicultural cast. You’ll also find blue collar heroes, bad boys, billionaires, ex-cons, psychics, and criminals. All of my books are for readers 18+ due to strong sexual content. I admit to having favorite online bookstores.

Smashwords pays authors the largest cut of royalties of any retailer for books sold in its own store. That means more of your book dollars go the writer. Mark Coker, head of Smashwords, has been a champion of independent authors. His business style and ethics versus the big stores—it’s a no-contest win. GooglePlay has become the surprise second-place favorite due to enthusiastic readers. Behind-the-scenes-fact: It took more than a year to gain steady sales on GooglePlay.

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Sold Auction Owned—The first three parts of The Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM series. Now on all stores! 20% off exclusively on Smashwords (epub only) until June 16

Five years ago, I leaped into self-publishing on Amazon. I started out writing short stories for the hungry erotica market. At the time, the Kindle Unlimited program an easy way to reach readers, and the payments felt worthwhile. As Kindle Unlimited has evolved, it’s no longer a good fit for me. A short book earns only a few pennies per read-through. Authors with enormous budgets to pour into Amazon ads can make a living with Kindle Unlimited. I can’t. Along with that, the vision of a future where supposedly independent publishing is dominated by one giant company…no. I don’t want that as a reader, and I don’t want it as an author.

I value all my readers. For now, I still have a few books available to borrow in KU. As you may know, except for extremely high-earning authors, Amazon requires exclusivity in order to enroll a book in Kindle Unlimited. Because I want to make my books available to readers on all major bookstores and all ebook reading devices, I’m continuing to move all of my books wide.

“This book was so hot. I was constantly aroused. The sex scenes were awesome and made me want to join in.” —Bobbie Johnson, GooglePlay reader on SOLD

“[…] white woman with 12 black male. Wow the author had done good work in expressing Brittani’s emotions. Oh good fantasy book.” —isha sha, GooglePlay reader on SOLD

Smashwords for All Book Genres—Including My Edgiest Erotica

Smashwords remains the standout leader for handling erotica in the most reader-friendly and author-friendly way. At their online bookstore, you’ll find a filter in the upper right hand corner. You can select no erotica, mainstream erotica, or all erotica. Of course, as with any system, material outside of your settings may get through due to an error or dishonesty on the part of the person who uploaded a specific book. It’s still far superior to all the other stores combined in its handling of adult material.

Find my Erotica here on Smashwords, including a few wicked ebooks exclusive to their store. Due to various blocks on erotic material and many authors losing their accounts on some other bookstores, I offer on-the-edge books only on Smashwords. Please note, I write and publish only legal erotic material. All characters are over 18. I don’t publish any form of ‘extreme smut.’

The strange reality is that certain versions of forbidden love, fantasy torment, BDSM, Dark Romance, and dubious consent—such as a heroine who has a secret attraction and is taken captive by the man she desires—can face banning.

I’ll be increasing the number of books here and expanding to include all formats, including .Mobi for Kindle. As of June 2019, 36 of my books, including hardcore erotica shorts, my three most popular BDSM erotica series, and some of my erotic romance and Dark Fantasy are live here. I have deep respect and appreciation for Mark Coker for supporting independent authors, including erotica authors. Smashwords is the only major bookstore with a useful, transparent policy about sexual content.

GooglePlay, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo

I came late to publishing on GooglePlay. This year, that store surprised me with many excellent reader reviews. Thank you, Google readers!

Q. Zayne on GooglePlay, 25 ebooks

Q. Zayne on Barnes & Noble 26 ebooks

B&N usually has a coupon good for a percentage off of your order. Check the details on their website. As of today, a 10% off coupon shows on my page there. Just make sure your order qualifies for the current offer.

Q. Zayne on Apple Books 20 ebooks

Q. Zayne on Rakuten Kobo 24 ebooks

I’m reaching more Canadian readers via Kobo, and the wonderful book lovers in Australia and New Zealand who have supported me throughout my journey.

I continue to offer my books for distribution to libraries, but no bites yet. When I’m in California, I can borrow some erotic ebooks, but the biases against high-heat books are strong in many places. You can follow me here on WordPress or via my High-Heat Book Club news for notice on discounts and new releases. Club members get exclusive previews.

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GooglePlay often offers special discounts. Check the Sold Auction Owned box set on GP now.

SOLD, the first story in The Billionaires Club Books 1-3 bundle: (Beware, BDSM and hard action with multiple men. These are not romances).

Brittani takes the bait…

I had a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. The ad was the answer to my problem. Someone needed a party hostess for 24 hours on a private island. With my catering experience and model looks, I could get the gig.

But when I set eyes on the man about to fly me to the island, I realized I might have made a mistake. The tall, older, arrogant stranger didn’t just undress me with his eyes, he used me right there on the pavement. Deviant desires seemed to radiate from him.

He pulled a black leather dog collar out of his pocket.

“Wait. You have to sign this before we do anything. Read it.” He handed me a contract.

The wind swept a bottle down the runway and blew my skirt up. It was hard to read with his dark eyes looking right through my underwear and into my secret places.

“This is a mistake. I didn’t know the ad meant —.”

“You thought you were going to serve canapes on a tray?” He chuckled. “No, Brittani. You’re the main course.” His eyes worked me over again. “And you’re perfect.” He handed me a pen that probably cost more than my laptop. “Just sign at the bottom of the page. Full disclosure, full consent. That’s the way I do business.”

“Can I leave?”

“Of course you can leave. If you leave now. But you don’t get paid if you leave. Once we get to the island, you’re ours for 24-hours.” He tapped the contract with his long finger. “When your service is over, I transfer $10,000 to your account and send you home.”

“$10,000?” I choked on it. That was more than generous. I scanned the contract again. It had long, dense paragraphs of disclaimers and waivers but not much in the way of details. “I’ll be — okay — when it’s over?”

“You’ll be okay.” He smiled.

I liked his smile. I needed the money. I signed.

He put the collar around my neck and buckled it.

Thanks for reading!