Free Erotic Ebooks & Dirty Romance Author Confessions: My Shifters

Right now, I have two free erotic romances available for readers over 18The ebook links are at the bottom of the post. If you’re curious, here’s my confession of how I became a dirty romance author. You know how when you do something weird, scary and hot, and it feels good, you want to do it again? Read on.

Every few months, I reread Dirty Knight, one of my first Erotic Romance novellas. It captures my early impressions of the Yucatan. You always remember your first. It’s good to revisit that fresh sense of wonder with this world. Readers have told me the book made them want to visit here. I’m writing to you from Merida, the capital of Yucatan state in the tip of Mexico. This has been my travel base since I left California in 2016.

Dirty Knight Q
Dirty Knight is live on most online bookstores. It has a 4.4 out of 5 average on 25 reviews on

Dirty Knight was my second and last shifter book. It’s an older man and virgin forbidden romance novella. I get away with creating my kinds of worlds as long as there’s a wicked billionaire and hot sex in the foreground. 😉

“This book has so much detail and story “meat” for its short length, it was the perfect novella. I was captivated by the plot, the full depth of emotions, and the heat.”—TripleJ

“I love shifters, this is a very very good one. I’m looking forward to more of your work. I love Mayan lore.”—Frenchpeach

“Different, but awesome. This was different than any other story that I have read, but I truly enjoyed reading it.”—Cassandra DeRohan

Inside detail: The jaguar baby tale mentioned in the book is based on local lore. This is one of many reasons my books don’t follow write-to-market advice. I write from experience and my connections to the world around me. The way I live, my perceptions, everything that feeds my creativity exists beyond the bounds of conformity. My relationships have always been unconventional. Thanks to fantastic readers, I’ve been able to make fiction my livelihood for more than four years despite my preference for writing strange books.

Prior to creating my pervy jaguar shifter, I wrote Werewolf in Love, my first Romance. Shifter Romances were topping the charts. Paranormal Romance could offer greater stability than the ever-vulnerable Erotica category. I’d read Twilight. I’d watched Buffy and The Vampire Diaries on TV. I’d grown up reading my mom’s Gothics and romances along with all her horror and mysteries, true crime, history, and medical books.

It’s not a secret that my roots are in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror.

Before I started self-publishing, I made several sales to magazines and anthologies in my favorite genres at professional rates. My first year selling fiction on Amazon, I was already paying all my expenses writing Erotica, most of it with a romantic bent. Still, the prospect of turning a creature of the night into the lead in a romance book filled me with dread, and not a fun kind of dread. My monsters are more inclined to kill than make love. This could turn out so wrong.

From Horror to Romance Rule Number One: Don’t kill off characters for having sex.

At the outset, I wrote out my issues and resistance to writing shifter romance. In 2015, it was an enormous stretch.

Surprise. I found a tender part of myself in that book, and because of the fierce heroine Charity Washington, it remains one of my favorites.

Werewolf's First Love new 6
One of the earlier covers with an attempt at a different pen name to look more like a romance author. As for my ‘Western wolf shifter’ I come from cowboy country in rural California. My grandfather was a cowboy and a rancher. This is my world. What can I say?

Werewolf in Love is an unusual book featuring an interracial relationship in ranch country in rural California. The traditional spirituality of my early years plays a part in it. That wasn’t planned, yet Charity’s beliefs are intrinsic to her character. Wyatt is a new alpha facing a pack war. He was raised as a wolf and he’s a virgin. He’s also white and fascinated by humans. When he hears Charity singing, he follows her voice and loses his heart to the curvy outsider.

I did it. I wrote a werewolf who isn’t scary–not too scary, anyway. There’s a bit of kink and detailed wolf-man heat.

The responses from readers were moving. They liked that the characters weren’t typical for the niche.

My books celebrate outsiders with heart, and the heroines are usually spirited curvy women. They’re often virgins, although not for long.

We’re still in the month for celebrating love. Check out this multi-author book giveaway. Most of the authors require a sign-up for the book, and you can always unsubscribe. Read descriptions carefully. A couple of the offerings aren’t complete books and some are book 1 of a series. You’ll find Werewolf’s First Love in the lineup. It’s a complete standalone novella with HEA, no cheating, no cliffhanger. It’s for adventurous readers 18+. This Love is in the Air book giveaway link opens in a new page.

Werewolf Q. Zayne
Latest cover by Sunny Giovanni. I decided to keep the shifter books under Q. Zayne. I’ve moved most of the Erotic Romances to Quin Zayne. It’s a small effort to protect the romances from anti-erotica biases by certain retailers and promoters.

Some people can write a traditional monster as a romantic lead and make it work. I read all of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint Germain Chronicles. Saint Germain isn’t my favorite vampire because he’s too good. Still, they’re wonderful historical novels with a seductive vampire, and he isn’t entirely tamed.

My vampire book in progress features an untamed hero. I don’t plan to market it as a romance. There’s a love story of sorts between a bisexual vampire and a heroine in distress, and sex, yet those aspects aren’t the thrust of the book. Yes, I had to go there. I’m looking forward to the responses from my first readers.

In the meantime, Triple Doctor Baby Makers is coming next. After that, a scary-hot billionaire and virgin book that has my favorite combination of heroine in peril and sexual wickedness. And BDSM in the basement….

Virgin in Africa
Virgin in Africa is available exclusively to members of the Q. Zayne High-Heat Book Club.

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Just fill in the quick form to collect your copy of Werewolf’s First Love, or if you prefer, grab your free copy of Virgin in Africa. Originally titled Losing It in Africa, Virgin in Africa is a standalone novel. It was my first interracial menage romance, and it’s MMF, meaning the heroes are bisexual, although most of the scenes focus on the heroine. This one’s Romantic Suspense with international crime, BDSM, and yes, heroine in peril. Ivy’s got her hands full with two smoldering alphas and bad guys set on killing them all. Billionaire first boss, virgin hacker, and powerful bodyguard, anyone? Join my High-Heat Book Club here.  

Let’s celebrate love more than one month out of the year. Smile from your heart, reach out to people different from you, and keep reading.

If you made it this far, thank you for indulging my impulse to explain what I think I’m doing. Now and then I find myself inhabiting a hotel room, frequenting places where I’m the only foreigner, and spending most of my waking hours writing, editing, and marketing books—and I question how this came about. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than living this dream. If you need to get closer to living yours, I hope you found something here inspiring. I hope you enjoy one of my dirty-hot books.