New Erotic BDSM Short Stories—BBW Erotica & High-Heat Curvy Romance

I’ll be honest, traveling is stimulating. I get excited during trips. That time in between destinations, while I’m a passenger, always sparks fantasies.

Because I’m in charge of so much all the time in my life, being a passenger creates an openness, a freedom that makes new experiences possible—and desirable. 
A one-night stand—or is it? Dirty. Intense. Wicked things happen in the dark. 
Come aboard the night train for curvy & Dom short erotica. Sex. Murder. Travel kink. BDSM in the sleeper. Hard action in the caboose.  … More New Erotic BDSM Short Stories—BBW Erotica & High-Heat Curvy Romance

Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks

I’ve always enjoyed hot books, and I wrote erotica for years before it become profitable. Once I started making money at it, it went better than I expected in many ways. I treasure reader reviews and I’ve relished the freedom in erotica compared to other genres. I’ve enjoyed writing romance, but fulfilling the many specific requirements and reader expectations has been a stretch. In erotica, I’ve had a lot of fun writing supernatual suspense, crime fiction, and genre-bending adventure. 

The biggest downside to writing high-heat books are the ongoing hassles and risks specific to publishing erotic works. … More Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks

Keeping up with all the sexy books coming out could be a full-time job. Previously, I’ve listed newsletters I use to save time. As a reader and shopper, I prefer to focus on books that fit my interests without having to wade through a lot of unrelated, unedited or uninteresting offerings. I want to get … More