The Billionaires Club

Sold sm
#1 SOLD: Party Toy – Brittani Serves Black Men

Here are the episodes of The Billionaires Club. It’s a series of futuristic Dark Fantasy novelettes and novellas featuring interracial BDSM and older-younger encounters. All of them are standalones. The first three books have hot pink titles and center on intense huge menage scenes with public submission. The second group has violet titles and stars virgins.


This is the order:

  1.   SOLD





Auction - Doctor s
#2 AUCTION: No Protection
OWNED - Ex Cons 5
#3 OWNED: Bare Show


Bound 8b
#4 BOUND: Bare Innocent
#5 CAPTURE: Wrecked Innocent


This has been a fun series to write, a wild adventure full of interracial gang action with some older-younger love, medical fetish, BDSM, defloration, breeding and twisted torments in the mix. Setting it on a remote private island in the near future allowed me to play with the technology of an exclusive club for dirty billionaires, and I integrated elements of Dark Fantasy and Gothics for the pleasure of it. I got so carried away, each episode has been longer than the one before, with CAPTURE running 90 pages at about 25,000 words.

SOLD, the first and shortest book in the series, is a long short story and remains a top seller. It seems I was wrong about the potential for finding an audience for more involved, character-driven stories in this series. I find them far more engaging than short works, but my tastes rarely match with what’s popular.

I’ve been disappointed to discover that erotica readers who spend $2.99 for short stories balk at paying one dollar more for full-length novellas. These take weeks longer to write and edit than a short story. I’m going to continue the $3.99 price point experiment for the novellas, but given the slow sales on the longer books, it seems that readers don’t value them. Unless something shifts, it’s likely I’ll reserve longer works for other genres.

Lagging sales reduced my enthusiasm for writing a sixth episode so I set it aside. On a whim, I wrote a short story. The initial reviews for Secret Sunshine: A Taboo Short have been enthusiastic. Perversely, the readers want more and found it too short. Hard to please, you lot. 🙂