Free Q. Zayne BDSM Erotica

Get one or all three of my free erotica ebooks. Spanking, Truckers, and Sold Party Toy are available free right now. Get your books at GooglePlay, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, or Amazon. … More Free Q. Zayne BDSM Erotica

Gender Bending, Erotic Books, Non-Binary Fashion & Social Change

This morning while I was reading about the discovery of Maya artifacts in a cave under Chichén Itzá, another article caught me. Gender-bending fashion rewrites the rules of who wears what on the National Geographic website.  Direct links to my morning reading are at the bottom of the page. BTW, the site doesn’t capitalize the … More Gender Bending, Erotic Books, Non-Binary Fashion & Social Change

Smashwords: New Ebook Search + New Year’s Sale—With Erotica & Erotic Romance!

Bravo to Smashwords for creating a dynamic new interface. This bookstore is so much more fun and efficient to shop now!

You can find sale books, new releases, trending and top sellers at a glance. Dynamic Page with sale, featured, and trending books. 

Smashwords is the most independent-author-supportive storefront going. Mark Coker has a fantastic record of supporting authors and small publishers, including those at the fringes of sexual expression. … More Smashwords: New Ebook Search + New Year’s Sale—With Erotica & Erotic Romance!

Free Erotica through 11-12—Seduced for Keeps

Seduced for Keeps is a bundle of short erotica, including three novellas. No cliffhangers. It’s free on participating Amazon stores for three days only. Today through all day Monday. Grab yours now. *

These hard men aren’t playing. They’re taking. For keeps. 
At the heart of the torn man is love. The right woman opens his heart. He’s going to take her hard and not let her go.  … More Free Erotica through 11-12—Seduced for Keeps

Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks

I’ve always enjoyed hot books, and I wrote erotica for years before it become profitable. Once I started making money at it, it went better than I expected in many ways. I treasure reader reviews and I’ve relished the freedom in erotica compared to other genres. I’ve enjoyed writing romance, but fulfilling the many specific requirements and reader expectations has been a stretch. In erotica, I’ve had a lot of fun writing supernatual suspense, crime fiction, and genre-bending adventure. 

The biggest downside to writing high-heat books are the ongoing hassles and risks specific to publishing erotic works. … More Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks

New BDSM Erotica Bundle

he connection between these high-heat reads is the dominant man who claims the woman who gets to him. These are edgy erotic tales, with often gritty, intense, and dark moments. Each heroine gets HFN or HEAs, and hot, hard attention from the hidden of forbidden man she captivates. 18+ … More New BDSM Erotica Bundle