Hard Alphas: Rough Sex, Dirty Bastards, Hot Enemies, & Heroines in Peril

I write erotic, big, hard heroes. Doms, usually older men, star in many of my BDSM erotica series and erotic romances. In five years of writing high-heat books featuring billionaires, bad men, blue collar virgin-takers, I’ve avoided assholes. Until recently.  You know, the guys known as alphaholes in the Romance world. I have nothing against anyone else’s preferences, it’s a personal thing. Angry, immature guys don’t attract me. I have one in my second truckers book. Lyle beats the crap out of him for mistreating Liliana. Recently, I became intrigued by the enemies-to-lovers dynamic. That sparked my Star Skull Duet, a hot and dirty adventure set in the Caribbean near my current travels.

Captured new 7
Curvy heroine in peril on a Caribbean island with bad guys and ancient secrets… and a super hot alpha

Stranded, book 1:

Warning: For readers 18+ due to intimate content. This enemies-to-lovers romance is steamy and gritty.
Dark desire. Compelling passion. Lethal danger.

An orphaned college student hitches a fateful plane ride with a damaged bad boy who defies her expectations.
He’s older, hot as sin, and an arrogant asshole.
Rachel’s on her way to get a forbidden relic that could save her sister’s life. One catch: A twisted ritual that requires a rough man.

Xavier has secrets, and enemies, that could get them both killed.
But she needs the dirty bastard.


Although I’m repelled by men who are outright abusive to women or disrespectful jerks, I enjoy dark heroes. Many of mine are twisted, damaged—even criminal. A few of my men cross moral lines. They fight dirty, get their way by devious means, enact vengeance, and even kill. The most extreme acts are in the past or to protect the woman he loves. Some of my wicked alphas exert pressure on the heroine in ways that aren’t—gentlemanly, to put it mildly.

They’re often anti-heroes, sometimes good at bondage or abduction, and they don’t cross the my line into alphahole. To me, there are too many depictions of men treating women like shit. I’m not going to add to that. Again, nothing against anyone’s tastes. There are things I can get off on in a fantasy or a book that I wouldn’t go for in life. We all get to choose.

My books go too far for many people. After the latest rash of Amazon closing romance author accounts, I removed White Trash from sale. It was my most controversial book still live on that store. We’ll never know if content is a factor in the account closures. It might be a coincidence that so many of the romance, Fantasy and LitRPB authors who have permanently lost their selling privileges on the world’s biggest bookstore included possibly-objectionable content. For me, any risk to a major part of my income is too much. White Trash will be live again soon on Mark Coker’s cutting-edge bookstore, Smashwords, if you’re curious.

Overall, I’m fond of men with good hearts, however deeply buried it might be at the outset. I believe in true heroes, and I love a mature man who finds his tenderness. He’s a man capable of love and loyalty, although it may take serious challenges for him to open up and overcome his past. There’s demon-battling for many of my men, and a sweet reward in the form of meeting his match. And lots of hard, hot sex.

My major exception to the deep-down, good-hearted man, is Gabe. Truth: he’s my favorite of my heroes. I love them all, yet he’s the one I can’t let go.

B Club 1-3 b - Copy
GooglePlay often offers special discounts.  Meet Gabe in the first 3 episodes of The Billionaires Club now!

In his own words, he’s a monster. He recruits innocent young women in need to his island to serve as entertainment in his Billionaires Club shows.  That series begins with Sold, and it’s free on major online bookstores. The first books, Sold, Auction, and Owned are short, dirty, huge gang-action events. The later episodes of the series, Bound, Capture, and Hunted, are novellas. I’m completing a new episode, and I’m writing in a separate book that details Gabe’s origins—his sadistic awakenings and how he become a monster.

My favorite recent books are the Star Skull Duet, Stranded and Captured, This is a complete enemies to lovers romance, and I love it most as a dirty archaeological adventure. Rachel hikes through the jungle equipped with a killer corset and plenty of sexy panties. She needs all those spares because Xavier is hot as hell.

If you’ve guessed these are more unusual books instead of the standard romances that sell so well, you’re right.

I’ve been reading one archaeological thriller after another. To my tastes, they usually focus on action to the detriment of characterization and depth. The basic plots could serve as political thrillers, heist books, or any other action novel. I enjoy adventures and thrillers, and a few authors rise above the pack. I find characters who struggle on a more than superficial level more engaging than characters-marionettes moved from plot point to plot point to get to chase scenes, gun fights, explosions, and so on for the thriller sequence. Some of the books are entertaining, but all the ones I’ve read lately fell short of what I enjoy from characters.

I find archaeological and historical mysteries a good fit, and I enjoy outright supernatural books. In the archaeological mystery department, the Amelia Peabody series by Egyptologist Barbara Mertz writing as Elizabeth Peters are my all-time favorites. The archaeologist Emerson is a delicious character, and his sparks with ‘Peabody,’ an adventurous heroine ahead of her time in 19th-century Egypt, are a pleasure throughout the series. There’s no on-stage sex, yet the chemistry is vivid. I can see the hairpins flying and the corset wrestling every time I read these books. Yes, I like them so much I’ve read them all multiple times, which is rare for me.

Barbara Mertz also wrote the Barbara Michaels books. These contain appealing historical details and Gothic atmosphere. They engage me totally. Her books are so much fun to read. Her heroines always have spirit and intelligence. That’s so refreshing.

Stranded 14

In case you missed my Star Skull Duet, it’s available on Amazon. I just put Stranded on sale for 99c. It’s a novella. The concluding novel, Captured, is already live. Captured is still available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

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