Curvy Heroine Erotic Romance: Naked Cave

New Release: Plus-size 19 Year-old Virgin + 3 Men

Naked Cave: Her Magical Men is live on Amazon, and it’s my newest venture into erotic Reverse Harem Romance. RH, often tagged as #WhyChoose because the heroine gets to have all the men, differs from menage. In a contemporary reverse harem book, one woman is the focus for all of the partners, often exclusively. There are reverse harems with bisexual characters that include MM of FF. In Naked Cave, the guys are heterosexual alphas. All the sexual attention is on Jinx. I enjoy all sexuality, this is simply my preference for this book. As I delved into the history of Reverse Harem, I enjoyed checking out its origins in Anime. The dynamic of one woman at the center of attention from multiple men is delicious. In this novella, the woman is an aspiring singer who just decided she was ready to lose her virginity. A shock changes her plans for the day, and a cave-in on her comfort trail at the coast makes things worse. Being surrounded by hot, hung-huge, muscular men is unnerving. Their interest in her is exciting–and a little scary…

Plus, they need her.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sexy Adventure — kat, Amazon reader

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You can grab your copy on Amazon.

This hot novella features psychic alphas, a spirited curvy virgin trapped underground, peril, sexy lingerie, nudity, mild kink, interracial love, three-on-one, all-entrances unprotected hard action, and finding a true home with real love. These muscular guys like to share! Safe, no cliffhanger, and it’s available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited for a few weeks. BTW, I’ve been self-publishing Erotic Romance and Erotica since 2015. I’m grateful to you for supporting me through the toughest year in my author journey. Thanks for being part of my sexy and never-dull adventure!

During the several months of heavy lockdown that I spent writing Naked Cave, I immersed myself in the landscape where I was born and came of age: rural, coastal California. From my early years, adventure and exploring the outdoors have been core parts of my life. My world included trips to Native American sites, the Grand Canyon, caverns, the Mystery Spot, the Winchester Mystery House, the Petrified forest, ghost towns, gold mining camps, museums, and road trips to neighboring states and Baja, California. Growing up on a 23-acre ranch and having a trusty bicycle encouraged nearby exploration, too.

I dug for treasure, climbed trees, built forts, made trails, and learned about rocks, birds, animals, insects, and spiders. I had an Oijia board, a crystal ball, and held seances. I got my first tarot deck when I was sixteen and still carry one. I enjoy sharing all my passions, from sex and adventure to the wonders of the natural world. The ranch was my grandparents’. During my childhood, their way of life and the region’s rural character was already undergoing destruction. Writing about the beauty, inspiration, and history of my original home allows me to keep it close in these challenging times. I hope the book gives you the pleasure, excitement, and comfort it gave me.

Jinx, Her Own Kind of Curvy Heroine

If you’re an adventurous reader, you’re in the right place!
Anyone looking for a BBW stereotype will be much happier with a book that caters to that taste.

Jinx has an active life, and she’s a true hero in her story. She has a great sense of direction, a spirit of adventure, and feels comfortable in her body. She’s strong, and she hikes, swims, and explores the outdoors.

In her last relationship, she overcame some Ugly Duckling feelings of her early years. She’s shy about her desires and submissive fantasies, yet she’s not ashamed of them.

Jinx dreams of being discovered, and she’s pursuing a singing career. She just turned nineteen, got a tattoo, and feels sexy.
At the beginning of Naked Cave, she’s jolted by a horrible surprise.

She takes a walk towards the sea cliff, and things get even worse.
But meeting the three hottest men she’s seen in the flesh opens a door for her, despite the danger.
The heroes don’t objectify her or her body. They find her intensely attractive.

She’s a match for them in this naked cave journey.
They simply love her. That’s the point.

This is 2021. Curvy women are more visible than ever, including plus-size women in all sizes–and those who are highly physically active. There are curvy women on talent shows delighting audiences with everything from music to dance. Biases and small-minded people exist, and many myths about size and fitness persist, yet big, beautiful women blast through barriers every day all over the world. There’s no limit to the lifestyle and success a curvy woman can aim to achieve.

When I wrote Naked Cave from October 2020 through March 2021, it didn’t occur to me that Jinx required any explanation.
Whatever your dreams are, I wish you love and joy.


I hope you enjoy Naked Cave: Curvy Reverse Harem. If there’s enough interest, I’ll write more reverse harem. Your reviews help me continue to write original, unusual, experience-based erotic books.