New Erotic Curvy Reverse Harem Romance! Plus-Size Love

My new curvy Reverse Harem romance is live on Amazon. For a few weeks, Naked Cave will be available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited. Better yet, you can buy a copy to keep and help support my sexy writing habit.😁 

Love can take you by surprise. A curvy virgin singer trapped underground. Three sinfully-hot strangers. A night to fulfill forbidden desires… once or for keeps.

Naked Cave-1-1

This #whychoose Erotic Romance novella is rated 18+ for detailed 3-on-one menage sex her very first time. Erotic Romance novella is rated 18+ for detailed 3-on-one menage sex her very first time. High-heat fantasy with a 19 year-old spirited heroine, psychic alphas, interracial, and all sexual attention on her. Mild consensual power play. No cliffhanger. The book is about 25,000 words, half the reading time of a novel. Enjoy!

I arched into him, wrapped in the magic of his secret tenderness.
He kissed me again, his lips hot and urgent.
Rushes shot to the top of my head.
Wiley raised one eyebrow.
Ransom lowered me slowly, my body pressed to his cock.

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Writing This #WhyChoose Romance

Caves fascinate me, and so do old mines. I visited many of northern California’s scenic caves, and I was prone to enter any cave I discovered while exploring the coast. The bit about getting off in a sea cave is true.

Last year, I started writing Reverse Harem. I had fun discovering the roots of Reverse Harem Romance and reading blog posts by RH authors. It’s no surprise that there are ongoing attempts to reduce the visibility of books that feature a heroine with multiple men. Many authors report having their RH books put in romance, as mine was, and being rejected for advertising. Amazon prohibits all erotic books from their advertising service–but this policy applies only to self-published books. 

Those issues aside, building these relationships was exciting. At the core of Reverse Harem, all the men want the heroine for their one–and they’re willing to share. These guys, Ransom, Tyrell, and Wiley, need a woman, but they haven’t been ready to risk it.

Naked Cave took me months to complete. I needed to take this journey and weave these strands of my past and present together. It gets personal: Grief, betrayal, big dreams, hope, kinky fantasies, longing for connection, loneliness, the need to be seen, risk taking, the journey to trust, music, rumors, legends, love beyond death, talent, money, passion, heartache, tenderness, ecstatic union, psychic flirtation–and even Tarot reading. 

I realize some readers will be disappointed it’s a novella, and not a novel. I’ve always enjoyed novellas, and during the present challenges, my concentration has been fractured. On a good day, I manage to write for three hours. That’s far less than I wrote during my previous years of publishing. There haven’t been as many good writing days as there used to be, and my book sales have been down during the pandemic.

I have more books near completion, so I’m aiming to push through the challenges and return to releasing books more often.

Excerpt from the very beginning, no spoilers

19 & Ready to Lose my V-card
New boots weren’t the best choice for a long walk on the ridge, but they looked great with my tight, frayed-open-down-the-thighs-jeans. When I left the house, I was hot as hell to see Boyd. Creaming already, I painted on red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner. I left my wavy brown hair hanging free down my back the way he likes.

When I twirled in front of the mirror, it brushed the winged heart right above my jeans. I tucked in my new blouse tightly, checked the mirror, and popped a couple buttons to give him a peek of cleavage and my black ‘magic bra.’

I got the tattoo after Dad died. Even though I just turned 19, I hid it from Mom, not that she noticed much anymore.

I blinked hard to keep from messing up my mascara.
Brush scratched my arm, and the coast wind cut through my clothes. I shoved through the overgrowth, following my favorite trail to the cliff. Dad showed me this place when I was small. I rode on his shoulders and said giddyup. He neighed, and I laughed, safe from everything, seeing the waves from up high.

When I got ready to go out, I ached to seize my life and live it all the way.

Boyd made me laugh, and when I got past my shock that a hot jock wanted to date me instead of a cheerleader, I bloomed. I felt like the ugly duckling turned swan. Mom actually noticed and came out of her drinking stupor to give me shopping cash for my birthday. I spent it on the outfit, including the sexy boots.

My tarot cards agreed, today was the day to lose my virginity.

Before I left the house, I threw my hair forward and back to make it flare and added a sheen of gloss to my lips. Biting the lower one to make it fuller, I squeezed my thighs together. I could hardly wait.
A whippy branch stung my midriff. I sucked in my breath, flashing on my stash of dirty books with masters and kinky sex.

Before Boyd, I never dared to show so much of my body. All his growly compliments about my dangerous curves, and his strong hands grabbing my full hips, made me feel sexy. As I got ready to go out, I wriggled on the seam of my jeans, thinking how hot he’d get undressing me.

I hope this book gives you the delicious escape it gave me. 

May you cherish and be cherished.