Erotica for Halloween: Huge Monsters

Join me in celebrating 6 years of Q. Zayne erotica with this wild, fun, and dirty retro collection of 2015 monster smut!

Please note: This bundle includes kink, lots of hung-huge monster action, a horny tentacle shifter, a bisexual female monster chaser, and three MM stores. The tales are fast and playful, and not as romantic or character-driven as my more recent work. Stuffing, stretching, sharing, sucking, pounding, cumming, all that juicy stuff, with some dom-sub power play, too.

It’s available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited or to buy for $3.99 USD or local equivalent. This ebook is Amazon exclusive, and because of the edgy nature of the content, it’s usually unavailable. I only allow it out in the open for my favorite holiday. Erotic books about Monster-fucking and tentacle-penetration are periodically prone to being banned by killjoys.

Huge Monsters EBook cover: Woman with large breasts and muscular man
Limited time Halloween Erotica bundle: Early Q. Monster & tentacle shifter smut

Beware: Too huge, too dirty, too weird, too tongue-in-cheek! 9 monster erotica stories of huge-size creature fun. Shocking deviations and dirty fantasy-fulfillment for adventurous readers only!
MF, bi F with FF, MF and F/monster action, and gay M with MM and M/dinosaur and prehistoric bat action. Big, ravishing shifters and tentacles, too.

Trina X., Tentacle Shifter Lover—3 stories So many tentacles!
Taken by Octopus Man
Filled by Octopus Man
Ravished by Octopus Man
Vanilla Mars, Monster Lover—4 stories bi heroine
She’s hot for her older boss man and sexy femme editor, and she can’t get enough huge monster action
Captured by a Bigger Bigfoot
Plundered by Bone Man
Enchanted by the Werewolf
Taken by the Troll
Rex Skyweather, Dinosaur and Giant Creature Chaser—2 stories All-male hard action
Claimed by Werebear & Triceratops
First Time with a Prehistoric Bat

I hope you enjoy going back in time with me to the beginnings of my Erotica adventure.

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Wishing you a hot Halloween!