Quin Zayne: Erotic Romantic Suspense & Gothic High-heat Books

Most Quin Zayne romances feature smoldering hot heroes obsessed with spirited curvy heroines. They include detailed, high-heat sex scenes with heart. All of them bring you to a happily ever after ending. If you enjoy exciting books with a heroine in peril, intense, sometimes aggressive courtship, and an alpha or outright kinky dominant man finally realizing he’s met his match, you’re in for some hot rides.

As aggressive as these alphas get, they aren’t abusers. They’re damaged men with tender hearts. The heroines may endure surprising, dark, and unusual things to get her man, but there’s never any name-calling or abuse by the hero, and never ever any cheating.

Dirty Charming new

You can find Quin Zayne ebooks on several online bookstores, including Smashwords, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

Please note: Most of the author pages for these books also include Q. Zayne books. Q. Zayne books include outright Erotica–primarily BDSM and menage—and Dark Fantasy

Q. Zayne and Quin Zayne books are all high-heat reads for adults over 18. 


Because Smashwords has the clearest guidelines on erotic content of all retailers, you’ll find a few Q. Zayne books here that are not available anywhere else.

Their new filtering allows you to control whether or not you view Erotica at all, and within Erotica, you’re able to filter out the more extreme and taboo titles or to view them, based on your preference. This means you can find romantic erotica and consensual BDSM erotica with less exposure to potentially triggering ‘ultra smut’ books. Readers who want to view the full range of sex material can still easily do so.

Mark Coker and Smashwords have been at the forefront of protecting freedom of expression for erotic authors and publishers for many years. It’s the only store where the content guidelines are clear enough to publish erotic material without risk of losing one’s publishing account. Because of this clarity and freedom, and for paying the most generous royalties in the self-publishing industry, Smashwords is my favorite online bookstore.

Giving readers more control over our browsing experience on the store benefits us all. Click filtering on the top right of the site. Here are the details on how filtering works on Smashwords:

Smashwords Erotica Filtering


Mine Forever

Forbidden Guardian


Barnes & Noble:

Forbidden Guardian

Amazon Q. Zayne books only.

Guide to Quin Zayne books

Contemporary New Adult Romantic Suspense:

Dirty Charming
2-novel set, Recluse and Ash, my Cinderella fairy tale retelling. Both novels are standalones. Available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited and to buy on Amazon.


Strong, divorced heroine and billionaire with emotional wounds from his service years. A curvy baker becomes entranced with the rough billionaire who owns a castle on the edge of her small town. His aggressive courtship and her curiosity lead her into danger. (Released originally as the novella Recluse Rancher and its sequel, Ogre’s Bride)

2-book Dark Romance stalking the virgin set, White Trash and Stalker
Available only on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google.

Stalker: In the Basement
Older Man Younger Woman, virgin plus-size model and bodyguard, Dark

Ranch Dad
Older Man Younger Woman, virgin 19 year-old and former stepfather

White Trash
So Dark. Crime, violence, kink. Rustic stalker and billionaire’s curvy virgin daughter.
This may fit within New Gothic. Beware: White Trash goes too far for some readers. On most stores, it’s available only in the 2-book collection, Mine.

Forbidden Guardian

Older man, younger woman. Virgin and alpha billionaire. Dark Fantasy with a love story and BDSM. Not a traditional romance.

A curvy virgin witch falls in love with her supermodel mother’s mysterious hot Italian fiance.

Mr. Beast Owns Beauty

Older prince and legal virgin. Beauty and the Beast retelling. Based on old versions of the tale, not Disney.