99c to 9/10! New Erotic Older Biker: Rake-Shapeshifter Confession

Ready for a dirty-hot alpha confession? This new Q. Zayne Paranormal / Dark Fantasy is rated 18+ for adults only. Rake is hot for his goddaughter, Lia. A rival MC is baiting him for a potentially fatal war, and what he wants most is to love and protect her for life. But his best friend exacts a promise. To keep that promise, he’s got to keep his hands off her lush, virgin curves. She’s not making it easy to keep his promise. She’s making it damned hard.

And how can he tell her the dangerous secrets he’s kept from his closest friend?

An off-limits older man who wants his friend’s daughter so bad, the need and his loyalty tear at him inside–this is not for everyone.

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It’s tough being a godfather to a spirited, curvy beauty who acts like she wants a lot more than a friendly, older mentor.

The lure of the forbidden can lead to ruin, or form the deepest bonds we can fathom.

The book focuses on the characters as adults. Lia is twenty years old, and his attraction to her dates from when she started flirting with him at her high school graduation. To be clear, this isn’t a  standard ‘shifter romance’ nor a rapey MC story. Rake is as much about the hero facing mid-life and making choices that put him at odds with the life he’s known as it is a love story.

My shapeshifter books have their roots in lore about werewolves, the werewolf in classic horror books and movies, and from shapeshifters in the regions were I travel. Lore about the jaguar baby and an ancient sculpture showing a man shifting into a jaguar that I viewed here in the Yucatan peninsula inspired Rake and my earlier jaguar shifter book, Dirty Knight.

The erotic parts are mutual, and consensual. Get the full story from Rake’s point of view, with all the intimate details of his relationship with Lia. This is his confession. If you’ve lost someone, you know how grief can make you ache to tell the truth, even when stepping toward a new life means risking everything.

Teasing excerpt from Rake: Shapeshifter Confession, no spoilers:

I put on some speed in my hurry to get to her and got down to the legal limit before the speed trap came into view. The highway patrol car waited in a dark curve, ready to take out anyone racing down the road. That was a close one.

I kept it legal the rest of the way. So close, I was about to see her sweet smile.
My last sight of the beach: a bunch of people jumping, sending up sparks. Whitecaps glowing like black-light posters of waves. Red tide. I stomped the sand, too, many times. So much beauty, so much death.

I pulled in at Franco’s.

Lia ran out to greet me, threw herself at me before I got off the bike. My Harley’s heat spread through my jeans as she tried to bowl us both over.

The porch light lit up her hair, making the long wavy fall glow down her back and over her heart-shaped ass.

My hands closed on her arms.

She laced her fingers at the back of my neck as though she didn’t plan to let me go.

I glanced at the house. Would Franco understand what was going on? I couldn’t bring myself to fend her off.

She clung to me, kissing my beard, my cheek, making me sway with the heady rush of her sweet body pressed tight to mine.

“Lia, Lia.” My voice came out husky.

“Hold me, Rake.” She sobbed against my neck.

“Lia, sweetheart, what’s wrong?” I squeezed her. It felt so right to have her in my arms.

“You stayed away so long. I missed you so much, you bad, bad man.” She glared up at me, tears on her long lashes.

She had no idea how bad I felt, bad for making her cry, and bad because I had a

Rake New 3 e

throbbing erection bulging out of my riding chaps.

I was a bad, bad man.

Come for a ride with Rake and Lia. Get your copy of Rake: Shapeshifter Confession.

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