99c Sale! New Erotica Romance: Demolition—A virgin, a wrecker, ghosts…and dirty love

The latest Q. Zayne erotic short story is live. A huge wrecker and a virgin in a Gothic mansion, yesDemolition—You’re Mine: Curvy First Time (Fated & Claimed Bride) Act fast to get it for less than a buck!

Jaden slips through the fog to the haunted house. She’s desperate to take final shots of the Gothic mansion before the wrecking ball swings. Derek the demolition man gets a hold of her. There are reasons the old place has a bridal tower. 

You get a big, muscular, inked blue collar man who takes what’s his—and a spirited heroine who knows a chance of a lifetime when she sees it.

Demolition 3
It’s one thing when he’s big. It’s something else when it’s your first time, and he’s huge.

He set her down gently. His hands slid to her hips and stayed there. Bedroom eyes. He looked right into her heart, and she was damned sure he could see right into her creamed panties, too.

“You smell incredible.” His voice rumbled down her spine, making her nipples hard and her clit zing. This was too much. She was going to rip his clothes off any minute now, which would fuck the hell out of the reluctant virgin act. 

“We shouldn’t….” She whispered. 

She didn’t have to fake the tremble in her voice and her fear of the size of his cock.

This is a fast, scorching, older man claiming his younger woman short story. There’s a dash of ghost story for added chills. Strictly one-on-one first-time pregnancy adventure. He’s growly and big all over. There’s no punishment or kink in this story…unless you count the demolition of maidenhood and super-fast bride-claiming….

A Curvy First Time / Fated & Claimed Bride treat from Q. Zayne—original high-heat  books since 2015.

From the beginning of my erotica writing adventure in 2015, I decided not to censor anything. I sit down to write and let the story out. Most of my stories have little in common with other self-published ebooks marketed as “erotica.” Whether I’m writing a one-night stand, curvy & alpha fast love, twisted billionaire, multiple men on one woman, BDSM, a three-way or six-way that turns into a polyamorous committed relationship, or a book with plenty of spankings, I’m telling a story.

I lost a lot of innocence during my first few months as I attempted to read top-selling short stories in Amazon Erotica and waded through guides to writing erotica. A popular, no longer available guide of the time advised writing crap and not wasting time to read it through to correct typos. The whole point was to churn out as much crap as possible, as the author called it, to make money.

That method never appealed to me. As it is, I have to bind and gag my inner editor to let go of books faster than I like in order to make a living. Periodically, I try to write something to fit a popular trend, but I end up writing what calls to me. The things that call to me are usually strange. My world isn’t warm and fuzzy. It has never been that. I’ve written a couple of softer, sweeter books, Triple Doctor Baby Makers has a different mood from all the others. Still, it’s a virgin making a baby with three hunky, huge-hung fertility doctors…all at the same time.

Now, we have Demolition. I set out to write about a wrecker. It turns out, he’s about to wreck the local haunted house. Jaden’s sad about it, and she goes up the hill to the mansion where she came close to losing her virginity. While she’s taking pictures, the wrecker takes charge…

Don’t ask me why there are ghosts and the story of a murder in my latest erotic short. It tilted into romance land, so it is joining my BBW & Alpha romance short stories.

I had fun with it, and I’m sure most readers will grab it for the hot defloration scene. The man is huge. She’s curvy and eager, and the setting is full of chills that can only be dealt with by a lot of hard friction.

Take a look. This dirty-romantic older man-younger woman novella is 15,000 words long. That’s about the length of three average short stories. There’s even an HEA and an epilogue to cap off all the juicy, unprotected, virginity-demolishing sex. 18+

Demolition on Amazon. Regularly priced 2.99. This week, get yours for .99c

or free to borrow in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. 

Adventurous reader, enjoy!


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