Keeping up with all the sexy books coming out could be a full-time job. Previously, I’ve listed newsletters I use to save time. As a reader and shopper, I prefer to focus on books that fit my interests without having to wade through a lot of unrelated, unedited or uninteresting offerings. I want to get right to the hot reads.

My newsletter, the private High-heat Book Club News, is available to subscribers only. It started out as the newsletter for my Viv Phoenix romances. As my Q. Zayne erotica became more romantic, I added romantic dirty books to the dirty romantic books.

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High-heat Book Club News 8-28

One of the best things to happen in my publishing life this year: Several authors boosted my free books in their newsletters.

To thank them, I started featuring one author at a time in my High-heat News. I had so much fun, I now include free books and sometimes a new release by another author in most issues. Lately, most issues include one or two free books by allies along with one of my free books.

Sometimes I grab a free book I think you might like, even if I haven’t had any interaction with the author. Free books are my favorite way to check out authors I haven’t read yet.

I’ve been happy to include Erin Wright, Amanda Heartley, Savannah May, Juliana Conners, Tia Siren, Dori Lavelle, J.B. Duvane, K.B. Winters, and Chance Carter.

Monday’s issue features bad boy Chance Carter’s Playboy Ever After and free books from Juliana Conners, Dakota Willink, plus my dirty alpha short, Brutal.

Please note: Most free books are available for 2 to 5 days only. Be sure to check the price before downloading.

Many complimentary books on Amazon are free only in countries with the Kindle Unlimited program. Authors and publishers have no control this. It’s one of many things on Amazon that we can’t do anything about.

Several of my books are now available on Smashwords, Kobo, Apple’s iBooks, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble. I’m looking into library distribution via Smashwords. My small-town library back in California carries outright Erotica as well as Erotic Romance and sexy books in many genres. I have no idea how accessible these books are in other parts of the U.S. and internationally, but it’s worth a try. I want to make my books available to people who have challenges affording books.

Free Erotic Romance, Bad Boys, Billionaires, Curvy Heroines, Erotica, and Paranormal

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In the meantime, I gave away 19,982 books on Amazon this month, and 108,264 so far this year. It’s a good thing you buy one sometimes. 🙂 I live on my royalties. I came close to running out of money in Belize. Belize is a strain on my travel budget, but my Mexico visa was about to run out. Provided that Mexico allows me to return, I’ll be able to afford air-conditioning as soon as I get to the Riviera Maya.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out the current issue of my High-heat News.

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Sign up for my High-heat Book Club and get a free copy of Dirtiest, a set of two high-heat novellas set in the Yucatan. One of them draws on the local legend of the jaguar baby. Dirty Knight, my shifter romance included in this set, captures my first impressions of the ancient and contemporary Maya’s terrain.