Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks

I’ve always enjoyed hot books, and I wrote erotica for years before it become profitable. Once I started making money at it, it went better than I expected in many ways. I treasure reader reviews and I’ve relished the freedom in erotica compared to other genres. I’ve enjoyed writing romance, but fulfilling the many specific requirements and reader expectations has been a stretch. In erotica, I’ve had a lot of fun writing supernatual suspense, crime fiction, and genre-bending adventure. 

The biggest downside to writing high-heat books are the ongoing hassles and risks specific to publishing erotic works. … More Erotic Ebooks: Freedom & Risks


Free #Erotica Today: Cocky Toy☺Eve’s First 2 Firemen Menage

Today only, get a free copy of my Cocky Toy, the second episode of Eve’s adventures with the firemen in her small California town.* Witchy Toy, the 5th and final episode is available for preorder, and the others are all live on Amazon. This short story contains detailed interracial menage erotica. It’s for adventurous adult … More Free #Erotica Today: Cocky Toy☺Eve’s First 2 Firemen Menage

Keeping up with all the sexy books coming out could be a full-time job. Previously, I’ve listed newsletters I use to save time. As a reader and shopper, I prefer to focus on books that fit my interests without having to wade through a lot of unrelated, unedited or uninteresting offerings. I want to get … More

Submission Island 2: Seduced ~ Sequel to Spanking Releases 3/31

Spanking, the first episode of Submission Island, is already one of my most popular books in two years of bringing you hot, character-driven erotica.

Meet a smart, curvy, inexperienced submissive and a guarded dom at a BDSM island resort for the super wealthy. Cleo is half-Egyptian and named for Cleopatra. She has a tedious job and she’s stung from a breakup. One thing about her ex, though, he knew how to give a delicious spanking. … More Submission Island 2: Seduced ~ Sequel to Spanking Releases 3/31