Claiming Her Curves—2 High-Heat Curvy Romances Set is Live on Amazon!

Okay, you caught me licking my book cover. No excuses, he’s just that hot.

Fresh, high-heat pixels and delicious billionaires coming at you. This bargain set is $2.99 and available to borrow via Kindle Unlimited on Amazon for a limited time.

You get one of my all-time most popular erotic romance novellas, Recluse and my latest romance release, Triple Doctor Baby Makers. If you guessed three hot-as-sin fertility doctors who all want to love the heroine and get her pregnant, you’re so right. Both heroines are spirited big beautiful women. That’s the curvy goodness in these romances.

Claiming Her Curves 4

“…Hot & steamy just like I’ve come to know about Q. Zayne reads but there’s also a romantic story here & a bit of a thriller. Give me a damsel in distress, her alpha hero, hot scenes (that are very much about love & romance not just humping) & HEA and I’m in. ;)” —Michelle V. on Recluse
Hot, hot, hot – and surprisingly charming!
[…] The characters have some depth and the atmospherics are more developed than usual for this genre. And Q writes some Grade A, smoking, sexy, seductive, scenes. Now excuse me while I go and think about those doctors!–Kindle Customer on Triple Doctor Baby Makers

Recluse is a 30,000+ word novella, this one and the 45,000-word menage novel included in this book bring the page count to 249. There are 4 book blurbs in the back, no long previews or padding. This is a 2-book set loaded with sexy escapism as curvy heroines get their dream billionaires and their dreams come true.


Raphael Ogden owns the biggest spread in California’s wine country, but he lacks a bride. He looks like a big, rough cowboy, but he’s something else, and he carries hidden wounds from his service.

Curvy and saucy Bess is busy running her bakery. She’s aiming to get the biggest account in town. A man isn’t on her menu.

When the mysterious billionaire comes to town, she gets so distracted watching his muscles move, he wrangles her into being alone with him. His proposition is the most outrageous thing she’s ever heard. And that’s only the beginning of his unusual plans for her.

A rough man with needs and a woman with a shut-down heart make a lot of friction as fake fiances.

Readers have called Quin Zayne’s books dark and sweet. In this new set, you can find out how Raphael ropes and handles Bess.

Triple Doctor Baby Makers took me months to write. I had fun with the slight fairy tale inspiration, the wishing well lore, the wonderful great-aunt and the stories that link the characters. It was sweet to return to my rural California roots and write about the world that formed me. I was traveling the Riviera Maya, the coast from Belize to Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula. I’ve made that journey three times now, but the shift to higher crime zones after the tranquility of Yucatan state is always a strain. This year, I’m exploring the other coast for a more peaceful, less crowded spring.

Despite the many shootings within two and three blocks of my Cancun apartment, I finished this novel while I was there.

Triple Doctor Baby Makers

Curvy art teacher Mercy McBride wants a baby.
But she has a tiny problem. A couple of minor obstacles, actually.
She’s still—um, intact.
And she doesn’t have a man.
Can she remain true to her sea-taken first love—and fulfill her heart’s desire?

In the house she inherited from Great-Aunt Jane, she sees the room over the garden as the nursery. She dares to wish for her baby at the wishing well.

A delicious doctor hands her a flier for his fertility clinic—and jump-starts her heart. That has to be a coincidence.
With her curves, sweet smile, and inexperienced treasure, she’s got the fertility clinic’s specialists eager to share their skills. All three billionaire-biker doctors want to help in ways she’s never imagined.

On a wicked-hot triple-date night worthy of Cinderella, she gets a pulse-pounding shot at her wish coming true.

Triple Doctor Baby Makers is a dirty, fast-burn Romance novella for adventurous readers 18+. Why choose? Safe, poly HEA. No cliffhanger.

High-heat heart-committed love for a determined, untouched, curvy 23 year-old: Yes.
Realism: No. This is fantasy with a touch of magic from the author’s naughty imagination. Nothing in this book resembles actual doctors or clinics anywhere other than in Q. Zayne’s imaginary Quadrangle, California.

Both books are multicultural, committed-love romances. They’re peopled by my outsiders with heart. I hope you enjoy the passionate sex, touch of magic, Cinderella inspiration, and these big, strong billionaires.

Happy reading!