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Dear ebook reader, What if you could follow your favorite authors on one app? Get news of discounts, giveaways—and even get Advanced Review Copies to read before anyone else? Thanks to self-published author Chris Leippi, that app exists. BookSprout gives you a handy way to keep up with new releases, deals, and grab ARCs from the authors you enjoy. You can follow your favorite authors in your favorite genres, including romance,  erom, erotica, and more. Get the scoop from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

When it comes to saving money on books, timing is key. Booksprout 1

Freebies, discounted ebooks, and Advanced Review Copies are available for a limited time. The Booksprout app helps you get the books you want at a savings or for free—before they’re gone.

The app has a clean, fun interface.

It’s quick—and free—to set up your account, pick your favorite authors, and check notifications at home or on the go. Check for ARCs whenever you like—you might discover a new author.

Booksprout is providing a growing number of reviews for my adult fairy tale, Mr. Beast Owns Beauty, from readers like you.

It is a well written and developed storyline with great characters, Rginald/Mr. Beast and Belle, who really evolve and develop throughout the story. It’s a grown up version of a fairy tale that is sexy and steamy. ” —Esther A.

“If you like dark fairy tales and shifter romances you’ll love this one. I highly recommend it since it has a HEA with no cliffhanger!” —D. Zukowski

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As a die-hard reader and an independent author who prefers writing fiction to dealing with the endless administrative tasks of publishing, the concept of Booksprout targets my needs.

We believe that authors should spend their time writing, and readers should spend their time reading. Booksprout has been built completely with that single goal in mind, and we hope you like it!”

I discovered this amazing app early in its development. Along with being sleek, user-friendly and full of cool tools for readers and authors, it keeps getting better. Chris Leippi is an innovator. He focuses his sharp mind and insights into reader and writer needs on his continuous development of this app. I enjoy the Booksprout humor, too: “So, rather than spend 5 hours performing repetitious work on each book launch, Chris spent years (kinda ironic right?) perfecting tools that would do this work for him and making them available to other authors.” Favorite-Authors Booksprout 3

This is an undertaking worth supporting. I want to spend my time writing my next book, not doing office work. Those of you familiar with my story won’t be surprised that an author who took off from California to the Caribbean a year ago isn’t a big fan of mundane admin. I appreciate Chris Leippi so much for simplifying key tasks for my publishing adventure.

Finding books and authors should be fun. Browsing Amazon is one of the most annoying parts of my week. Booksprout is so much better. ☺

Be part of a cutting-edge reader community. Help authors and other readers by giving your honest opinion of the books you read.

Follow me on Booksprout to get my ARC copies as soon as they’re available. My forthcoming erotica and romances will be free to download for only a few days. I’m always eager to publish my latest book. My books are listed under Q. Zayne and Viv Phoenix.