Mr. Beast Owns Beauty: An Adult Fairy Tale ~ 99c until Friday 9/29 KU 18+

My Beauty and the Beast retelling is based on one of the earliest versions of the fairytale. It’s dual point of view, to give Mr. Beast’s side of the story. A curse turned him into a lonely lion-man. Virginal Belle could be his redemption.

“This story is a dark, sexy, mesmerizing tale, and I loved every second of it. The story is beautifully told, with glimpses into the characters past and rich in detail. I couldn’t put it down.” —mom2three

A dutiful daughter, tightly closed as a rosebud. A cursed, obsessed prince. In the enchanted woods, no one will hear her scream.
When a royal recluse demands a ruined merchant’s virgin daughter as payment for a rose, his curvy captive transforms him.
His aggressive courtship outrages Belle, but he’s captivated by her. And he needs her to break the curse that made him a lonely lion-man.
Unless he claims her maidenhead and wins her heart, they’ll both remain prisoners in his remote castle.

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It was great fun to play out a delicious curvy heroine and wounded hero romance in a fairy tale setting. I updated Belle’s character to give her aspirations and spirit, and the cast of my tale is more diverse than the original. Mr. Beast Owns Beauty has nothing to do with the Disney movie. I’ve been in the Yucatan and Central America for more than a year. I haven’t seen it. I drew inspiration from the amazing Angela Carter, Tanith Lee, and Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling anthologies of dark fairytale retellings. This is a standalone novella with HEA, no cliffhanger.

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