White Trash—A Dark Romance by frequent Top-100 Erotica Author Q. Zayne

I write edgy books. Many of them take you into the dark. Of the dozens of books I’ve published, White Trash worked my nerves the hardest. I delayed publishing it, expecting outrage and virulent reviews. I didn’t expect readers to love Callum and want more of his story with Sy. To celebrate this complete new edition, here’s the scoop and a few reader reactions to one of my nastiest books. White Trash Taking the Curvy Virgin is live on Amazon and free 12/24-12/26 on participating Amazon storesYes, bad-boy virgin bride abduction in time for the holidays!

White Trash Taking His Curvy Virgin Dark Romance Q. Zayne
Lust, crime, and baby-making in a brutal backwoods hollow of California. This new edition includes both episodes. White Trash is live on Amazon .  I’ll unleash it on all major bookstores in April.

Originally a novelette titled White Trash Taking the Billionaires Daughter, my dirty dark ebook spawned a sequel, White Trash Training the Billionaire’s Daughter. I released the set as Stolen Virgin. None of the books reached their sales potential, but they did reach readers.This disturbing love story became a breakthrough for forging ahead with romance. I stopped trying to write the formula books that top the sales charts and let loose with a nasty wild ride of a story.

My roots go deep in Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I grew up reading my mother’s mysteries, Gothics, Romantic Suspense, crime fiction, medical books, and graphic true crime. Yes, those books, a supply of comic books, men’s magazines, Anais Nin’s erotic shorts, and a steady supply of supermarket tabloids seeded my imagination from an early age. Movies, too.

I still crave thrills in the dark. 

The first episode of White Trash has 21 organic reviews with a 4.3 star average on Amazon US.  It’s due to these reviews that I wrote a sequel, despite limited sales. It was fun to write an outrageous book.

“This was a short and great erotic Book!

I loved the storyline.. Rich spoiled girl and a rugged dirty Man. So Alpha and backwoods.”—Cindy Whisler on White Trash 1

White Trash Taking His Curvy Virgin Dark Romance Q. Zayne

I’m moved that readers defend and appreciate my work and the work of other authors who write dark, erotic books. Thank you for reading and enjoy your holidays!


from Merida, the capital of Yucatan state

“There was explicit and rough sexual content but it wasn’t gratuitous it was well fitted to the characters and was warned about for people who aren’t wanting got read that kind of content. Please don’t censor what I or others want to read. Reviews should not be censorious or mean spirited […] This is definitely a five star book.”—Amazon Customer

“Overall, this is a short and fantastic read! Before you pick this up, read the warning the author gives and see if this is something for you. I would love to read more about Callum and Sy and maybe the rest of the Blake clan.”—Naughty Book Snitch

“I won’t tell you anymore but you must know I could not put this book down, nor its sequel: WHITE TRASH: TRAINING…If you like kidnapping, trash talk, and explicit naughty interactions, buy this book and its sequel. OMG! The cover too!!!”—Linda Reads