Guardian—Daddy Dom

This mini preview of Q. Zayne’s forthcoming BDSM older man erotica short is suited to a general audience. The book is for adults 18+. Q. Zayne appeared often on Amazon’s Top 100 Erotica Authors lists until those lists disappeared this month. 

I’d had such a killer crush on Dad’s best friend for so damned long. And he was going to be living in my freaking house, and I was going have to see him every day. It was too much. I wanted him to leave, but I didn’t want him to leave ever.

It scared me how much I wanted him right then, and it was such a bad,

Guardian Daddy Dom
The new Q. Zayne dirty short story is about to go live.

bad time.

I’m not sure how it started. I’ve tried to remember. I searched my brain over and over, imagining us sitting there in the living room. So many nights blending into each other, after a while, it became routine. Making dinner together, eating together, washing dishes together. Sitting afterwards, talking about anything and everything. But how it happened? Who said what, how we got to the game?

I think he called it a game because he knew. The handsome bastard knew I wanted him.

One night messing around, somehow I ended up on his lap, my skirt around my hips, his hands on my ass.

Guardian—Daddy Dom is coming next. Watch for it.