99c Erotica! Forbidden Professor

My three First-Time Secret Lessons high-heat shorts are live on Amazon. Part one is at 99c and all of them are free to borrow in Kindle Unlimited. The Forbidden Professor series was the first erotica I published on Amazon in 2015. The titles were First Time, The Collar, and The Blindfold. I edited and expanded the stories for these new editions. They have sexy new covers, too.

Forbidden Professor

Rereading the professor stories made me hot, so I decided it was worth updating and re-releasing them. The singles have been unavailable for a long time. These are short reads. Each story resolves, and the story continues in Collared and Trained. All three are live, so there’s no waiting. 

A New Look for Q. Zayne Books: Find what you want

I’m making changes in my covers so that it will be easier to find your favorite kinds of books. The series books each have a number on them.

On the Forbidden Professor, it’s at the top, right under my name. Just below that, it says “A high-heat Short.” This, and the little heart on my new release Guardian: A dirty Short Story, make it clear that these aren’t novellas or novellas. Also, I always state the length in the book description.

I never stick entire books in any thing I publish, so the page count is fairly accurate. The third episode of Forbidden Professor, Trained, has an extended preview of Recluse Rancher, my popular dominant cowboy and curvy baker novella. Other short stories have one or two brief previews, usually a short excerpt and quick blurb. I like knowing how much of the book is left when I read on Kindle, and I know many readers share that preference. 

prof 2 Collared.jpg
The professor’s touch and mouth enveloped her, burned all other thoughts away.

This year, my website will feature links to my books on multiple online bookstores, and the books will be tagged by genre and topics. If you want to find all my books in a particular interest, such as curvy heroines, older men, BDSM, menage, blue collar heroes, erotic romance, and everything else I do, it’s going to easy. Many of my books are available on Smashwords, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Readers in participating country can borrow a handful of recent releases in Amazon’s KU borrowing program. If you use Kindle Unlimited, get my books while you can. I won’t be renewing the KU terms on most books. I’ve applied for library distribution, for some of my catalog. Given the climate regarding erotic books, I don’t know how that will go. My small-town library in California carries a few erotica titles, but California tends to be more permissive than many other states and countries. 

The best way to get my books free is to subscribe to my mailing list. I announce free books in my weekly private High-heat News. Please don’t use pirate sites.

Not only do pirates rip off authors, they often include malware in the book downloads. 

The Latest Anti-sex Tide Affects Erotica and other Erotic eBooks

It’s sad to see a big wave of suppression of sexual content rising in the U.S.

Last month, I lost a lot of sales during one stage of the upheaval on a certain retailer. Erotica, Erotic Romance, and such topics as sacred sexuality were affected. 

Being rejected by Radish was a disappointment. When I read that Apple has required them to remove erotic content, being denied by Radish lost its sting. We all have to do what’s right for our business.

It would have been fun to post serial installments on Radish, but in order to have their app on iTunes, they have to ‘clean up.’ It’s an old story. I have great respect for Mark Coker of Smashwords for creating and remaining one of the most sex-positive venues for independent authors.  Get my books on Smashwords to support sexual freedom in books.

Check out my Q. Zayne Smashword page, including a free copy of Sold, the first episode of my popular Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM series with a wicked billionaire and many men for each heroine. 

Quin Zayne is Coming. I hope you’re smiling—I am.

Trained prof 3

My romances will be coming out under Quin Zayne.  The separate pen name is a compromise, to reduce the risk if there’s another anti-erotica sweep. If you prefer my erotica and aren’t as keen on the longer romances, or vice versa, this will work well.

Soon, when you see a Q. Zayne book, it’s erotica. When you see a Quin Zayne book, it will be romance–or have a strong romantic subplot.

The Quin Zayne books include my New Adult Romances with psychic alphas, my Older Man romances, my erotic Fairy Tale novels, and my Dark Fantasies. 

Those books are still dirty, so if things get bad with retailers stomping on sexy books, splitting my pen name won’t do me any good. It’s worth a try anyway.

I hope you stick with me. It’s looking like 2018 may be the biggest adventure of my publishing career.


Teasers from The Forbidden Professor 1

The nudge under her ass as he grew hard drew her back to how real this was—how bordered with potential consequences. She was on her best friend’s father’s lap and he was kissing her like a lover and had an erection. A powerful, huge erection.

Shelby tightened up, nervous about her virginity. But there had never been, and she doubted there ever could be, anyone she’d rather give it to than the prof.

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