99c Sale: 2 Erotic Romances in 1 ebook—Claiming Her Curves by Quin Zayne

For a limited time, my new 2-book high-heat romances release, Claiming Her Curves is yours for less than an US dollar or your local equivalent.

Claiming Her Curves 4

I had fun writing these. Spirited women over twenty-four make great matches for sinfully hot alpha billionaires. Both of these standalones are set in my fictionalized California coast. They gave me a fix of home while traveling from Belize to Cancun and through the Yucatan.

In this high-heat set, I’ve paired my latest release, my March menage novel, Triple Doctor Baby Makers, with one of my all-time most popular one-on-one novellas, Recluse. It gets crazy hot in this book with delicious muscular men, scary bits to make you quiver, and the intense sex that has readers fanning themselves.

I love what I do. Well, I sometimes wish I was doing it in an earlier century, so I could stick to writing and not have to devote hours a week to marketing!

Yes, the book launch fun continues. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of pricing my books at less than a dollar. That’s one of many reasons most of my books are no longer exclusive to Amazon. I’m continuing to offer a few books on Kindle Unlimited because those of you who discovered me by borrowing my books with your membership matter to me. I’ve also come to appreciate having a KU membership while I’m traveling. I miss physical books, and having KU allows me to read a lot for 10 bucks a month.

I’m sitting under the air conditioner in an antique villa slathered in mosquito repellent, and all I want to do is get back to writing my new billionaire’s doll book. It’s getting so suspenseful my toes are curling. Is it wrong that all I want to do is write fiction? I’m making this post a quickie.

There’s a bit of a ghost story in each of these. That comes from my roots in California’s gold country and a childhood spent reading scary books. Good things the heroines have such strong men to squeeze them tight after dark.

Excerpt from Claiming Her Curves:

His fingers traced a line from my earlobe to my collarbone. He took my chin and tilted my face up for his kiss.

I went on tip toe and pressed my lips to his.

His arm tightened under my shoulder blades, and his lips pressed mine hard.

The passion and urgency of his mouth made my heart race. I surrendered, responding, surprised at myself for the heat that flared through me. The shyest doctor had roused me so much, I slid in my panties as he crushed me to his strong chest.

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