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A haunted house. All the firemen in a small California town. A tragedy. A ruptured family. A heroine becoming a hero. An electric chair. The longest sex scene I’ve ever written. This is it, the first all-new Q. Zayne Halloween book, Witchy Toy.

This final episode of my firefighters menage series goes live on Saturday, so this is your chance to get the special 99c pre-order price on Amazon. 

Witchy Toy 4

Dear Reader,

When I wrote the first episode, I didn’t know the secrets this series would reveal, nor the surprises I’d come to embrace. It’s been an adventure.
At All Hallow’s Eve, the veils between the worlds are thinnest.
It’s been two years since I left California and landed in Cancun. I’ve traveled Quintana Roo, Yucatan, and inland Belize. I didn’t expect to be away this long.
Now, I’m heading into territory unknown to me where I’ll experience the jungles that captivated me from adventure movies.
The idea of home has had to shift. The places that formed and inspired me rise like mirages. Lately, I visit the California coast as I write. I explore and fictionalize it. In this series, the deep influence of the land, its places, and its intense history comes out in the haunted mansion, references to Bigfoot, the eerie atmosphere of the town, the historic buildings with their dirty roots, the clash between the past and present, the locals and the outsiders. I’m biased. My family lived there for three generations and I can’t afford to be there anymore.
A year ago, in a library in Belize, in a book of local herbal medicine, one of the listed causes for depression was loss of country. Next to a river that winds through Orange Walk, I recognized that loss. Grief powers a lot of my writing and has for years. The only way through it, is through it.
I keep coming back to the need to complete a quest. My heroines and heroes are driven to face and transform what’s disturbed in their world.
For many reasons, I’m drawn to intensely damaged men and women who live outside the lines. There’s an amazing synergy in love—and healing power in sexual ritual. Those rites transformed me in my twenties. Many people in my communities of outsiders died much too young. So did my family, all before I finished grad school in San Francisco. I spent my thirties grappling with intensified depression and survivor guilt.
Facing the world with my handful of degrees and certifications resulted in years of ill-fitting jobs and continuous financial stress.
Suicide surged in my mind many times. I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t had a big-hearted therapist and an inspiring ex-pat author friend.
As I prepare to explore another country, I’m taking the next step at laying the past to rest. Although all the characters in this series are fictional, my ghosts underlie the emotional terrain.
I had a wonderful time creating the stories within this story. I’ve been wanting to write a ghost story for a long time. I flirted with it in Recluse Rancher, in the town’s story and the soul mate connection between Rafael and Bess.
In Sexy Toy and this concluding episode, I went all the way. What was supposed to be another short episode turned into a novella.
One true part of Witchy Toy is the stagecoach driver, Charley Parkhurst. My mother and grandmother used to point out his stagecoach stops. His story was a source of local pride, and there’s a monument in Watsonville honoring him as the first “woman” to vote in California.
There was a gap between what was acceptable in the distant past and what was allowed in the present.
Eve’s journey surprised me, and I loved that they found love, and so much of it. Last week, I read that the ground-breaking porn star Buck Angel appeared in an Armistead Maupin book. A few years ago, I read Michael Tolliver Lives, an episode of Tales of the City that takes us into Michael Tolliver’s life in middle age. Returning to that favorite series touched me deeply, and it was moving to see a male character who had a female history.
I suspected as I wrote it that this book might go too far for many readers, and as usual, I wrote it anyway. If I stop writing stories that matter to me, I might as well churn out books with no motive other than money.
Who would I be without the conviction that outsiders matter?


Cancun, October 2018

Please check this description to make sure this high-heat Halloween adventure is for you.

Eve reclaims her Stevie nickname, and her investigation of the mansion leads to danger. Blake says drop the investigation, but enticing clues emerge. Events leading to a hard and unprotected Libra birthday party reveal betrayal and dark secrets. Blake has another hot surprise in the hose room for the ‘new guy.’

All the firemen want not only sex, Stevie’s their One. Risking their secret menage for a centuries-dead stranger could ruin everything.
Witchy Toy is the fifth and concluding episode of Eve/Stevie’s adventures with all the firemen. It can be read on its own, but for greatest enjoyment read the episodes in order.  All the episodes are available to borrow via Kindle Unlimited.
Fire Chief’s Toy (released as Top-Daddy’s Toy)
Cocky Toy
Freaky Toy
Sexy Toy
Witchy Toy
This erotic series is for readers 18+. All characters are over 19 and consented to participating in wicked hot group pleasures including hard, unprotected group action, mild BDSM, and female to male gender exploration.

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Witchy Toy 4