Free Erotica through 11-12—Seduced for Keeps

Seduced for Keeps is a bundle of short erotica, including three novellas. No cliffhangers. It’s free on participating Amazon stores for three days only. Today through all day Monday. Grab yours now. *

These hard men aren’t playing. They’re taking. For keeps.
At the heart of the torn man is love. The right woman opens his heart. He’s going to take her hard and not let her go. 

Seduced 3You get aggressive, passionate blue collar hunks, billionaires, a doctor, a professor, and a fire chief. Yeah, they’re all good with their hands, and more. 

This collection is full of risky sex, and all but one of the heroines are inexperienced. Most of the heroes are older men, and a couple of them are close to her age. All are muscular and big—with a taste for curves. 

Q. Zayne stories slice the edge of romantic and dirty, beloved and forbidden, too hard and fast, and so tender it hurts. 

This collection is for readers new to Q. Zayne. These wicked short reads range from taken by a stranger to seduced by a too-close older man. Be ready to get your buttons pushed. Although some of these short stories are romantic, this is full-on Erotica. Just to be clear, this is a collection of dirty short stories. All 10 of them are one-on-one MF with no cheating. He wants her forever.

Four of these stories appeared in Cocked, some of them in other collections, including in Hard on the Virgin. All have an HEA or HFN, no abuse, no cliffhangers.

These are the titles so you can tell whether you’ve read them.
11 complete shorts, 8 stories and 3 standalone novellas.

Fire Chief’s Toy: Eve & Blake
Forbidden Professor: Shelby & her prof
Collared by the Forbidden Professor
Trained by the Forbidden Professor
Guardian: Maddie & Rand
Thug: Ariel & Cole (novella)
Bought by Dad’s Doctor Friend: Glory & her doctor
Sold: Rose & Jal the Sheik
Avenger: Lila & Keene (novella)
Ranch Dad Next Door: Sloane & Rick (novella)
Towed: Vee & Logan

Possible triggers for too-close older man younger woman love, stalkerish intensity (Towed), gritty criminal underground, abduction, intense seduction, off-limits love including best friend’s sire, hard and unprotected first time, and pregnancy romance.

*Sorry to say, publishers and authors have no control over which countries Amazon selects for its deals. You don’t have to be a member of Kindle Unlimited to claim this free book, and you don’t need a Kindle to read it. There’s a free reading app on the book’s listing page. Amazon added Australia to this program several months ago, and may add more countries.

Ready for a high-heat reading adventure full of hard and tender men?
Adventurous reader, get Seduced for Keeps immediately.

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Happy Reading.

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