Smashwords: New Ebook Search + New Year’s Sale—With Erotica & Erotic Romance!

Happy New Year and congratulations for getting through the rest of the holidays.

New Year’s Love to Smashwords and the amazing Mark Coker

Bravo to Smashwords for creating a dynamic new interface. This bookstore is so much more fun and efficient to shop now!

If you haven’t looked at this bookstore lately, here’s the browse page I’m enjoying. You can find sale books, new releases, trending and top sellers at a glance. Dynamic Page with sale, featured, and trending books. 

Smashwords is the most independent-author-supportive storefront going. Mark Coker has a fantastic record of supporting authors and small publishers, including those at the fringes of sexual expression.

New Filtering for Erotica

The new adult filtering allows you to opt for no erotic books, mainstream only, or everything.

Authors and publishers categorize their own erotic books, certifying whether or not they contain certain content, such as taboo themes. This system allows Smashwords to honor agreements with other retailer’s guidelines for distribution as well as to customize filtering on the site. As everywhere, not all participants will be accurate in their categorizations, so be aware that any miscategorized books are not the fault of the storefront.

For book browsers, it means you have instant control for choosing what you want to see. If you’re browsing for a gift book, non-fiction, or a treat novel at work or in public, the filter allows you to nix adult content. For those who enjoy Erotica ranging from spicy to mild dubious consent—and prefer not to see taboo books and other material some people find triggering, choose the Mainstream Erotica setting.

Mainstream Erotica consists of the kinds of Erotica allowed by the largest online bookstores, such as Romantic Erotica, consensual BDSM, Menage, mild dubcon (dubious consent,  where it may not be clear initially if all participants chose the activities, such as the ever-popular captive and abduction books).

To view the whole range of adults-only books, including many topics banned by major retailers, click ‘Include all erotica‘ on the Filtering drop-down menu. Filtering is in the upper right corner of the site. A few of my early books are now available only from this store.

Q. Zayne Books on Smashwords

All In 2

My favorite online book retailer is the place to get my exclusive collection, All in Her. The stories are available on others stores, but not all together in this grouping. They’re explicit menage erotica. It’s on sale until January 2. Take a look at All in Her.

Smashwords is the one worthwhile place I can publish without continuous concern that my erotic books will be hidden or removed at random without notice. I don’t have to worry that my account will be closed with no clear explanation for violating an unstated rule. Mark Coker communicates with authors about changes and offers the clearest Erotica guidelines in existence for self-publishers.

I’m so happy to send readers here to experience the massively improved shopping interface. As someone who often accesses my book accounts at cafes while traveling, having control over content—without Erotica being removed from access by those of us who want it—is a huge step forward. Perhaps one day other online bookstores will take a clue and create sensible adult filtering instead of randomly sinking target books or doing periodic purges that generally target only independent authors.

In addition to offering exclusive books and participating in their terrific sales, I often offer public coupons for 25% or more off on selected books.

Exclusive Discounts on my Top 3 Erotica Series + the taboo one

Here are my Holiday Sale erotic ebooks. Most of them are 50% off, with a few at 75% or 25%. Q. Zayne on Smashwords. 

Sold sm

All-time lowest prices on my top three series! Submission Island, where curvy Cleo meets her master Marcus on an island full of secrets, The Billionaire’s Club, where each episode details the experiences of a virgin at the hands of a mysterious billionaires and many massive men, and Curvy & Alpha Menage, the story of four ex-con trucker buddies who each find their big, beautiful virgin to initiate into menage—and to love. Submission Island is one-on-one romantic BDSM. The others include scenes of two or more men on the heroine, unprotected, with all the sexual focus on her—and always a safe landing for the heroine.


The sale runs through tomorrow. If you might enjoy a Dark Fantasy, taboo dubcon stepfather serial with a virgin’s intense fantasy torture and bisexual demon menage, take a look at my 2015 series, Virgin Captive: Taboo Punishments. Due to dubcon, the dirty stepdad, and other edgy, explicit content such as underworld bloodletting rituals, it’s exclusive to Smashwords.  Grab your high-heat ebooks now!

Happy 2019,


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