Free Erotica to 1/7: Dirty Hot—12 Unprotected First Times on Amazon

Happy 2019! Take a break from resolutions and get my latest high-heat Erotica collection. Dirty Hot is a dirty-dozen box set with alphas taking virgins. You get one-on-one and menage with all the attention on her.

Grab it while it’s free if you’re new to my high-heat world—or if there are any stories you missed. Please note that some of these tales appeared in Seduced for Keeps, and all of them are available as singles. Storm Team—Sharing Wish is my new MFM menage novella. Wish visits the guy she’s hot for before taking off for college…and gets a surprise. This one has never been collected before. (Virgin, blue-collar jocks, interracial, small town, sexy, romantic, wicked)

Dirty Hot final.jpg

There are six dominant older men and the other guys are close to the heroine’s age. Something about an older alpha initiation…. No passive heroines in here, though. These spirited young women have desires of their own.

She’s his. He owns her from the moment he decides to take her.
Innocents and alphas! These initiations aren’t gentle, and they’re unprotected all the way.

When the right man, or men claim her V-card, sparks turn to flame.

Storm Team—Sharing Wish (MFM)
Pipelayers (MFMMM Menage)
Bad Boys Band (Menage)
Forbidden Professor
Collared by the Forbidden Professor
Trained by the Forbidden Professor
Ranch Man Next Door (novella—trigger alert: H was briefly her stepfather)
Fire Chief’s Toy (19 year-old goes for Dad’s best friend)
Cocky Toy: Eve’s First 2 Firemen (MFM) *cliffhanger alert* final three episodes are live
Towed (trigger alert for stalkerish older man)

Rated 18+ for sexual content. Contents represent fantasy fulfillment for the heroines. All characters are over 19 and consented to having this much wicked pleasure.

Dirty Hot features detailed fantasies of men winning over untouched heroines, often by giving them pleasures they secretly desire—from the right hot as hell man.

These heroines, most of them curvy and spirited, get soft landings. Big muscular men can be so rough and tough—and tender—when they take the woman they have to have.

Slip into the dark where he calls the shots—in all the right places. 

My most recent books, Storm Team—Sharing Wish and my virgin college freshman out for firefighters series, All the Men, are set in a fictional California small town. For a few months now, I’ve been visiting my home turf in my imagination. It’s a soothing counterpoint to traveling the Riviera Maya. I’ve been from Belize to Cancun during the past few months.
It’s been wonderful to have storms for the holidays. It doesn’t rain often, and cool weather is in the 80sF. When it does rain, it comes down in torrents, often with fabulous thunder that booms from the sky, crashing over the world. It’s a backdrop that makes me long to get back to a series set locally.
First, there are vampires coming, and more adventures with Gabe and The Billionaires Club. And a beyond steamy trio of doctors…
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Dirty Hot is free until Sunday midnight Pacific Time in participating Amazon stores.
Please note, authors and publishers have no control over the limits of Amazon’s programs. I was so happy they added Australia to the Kindle Unlimited program, and they’ve stated they’ll add more countries.
Where available, this freebie is for everyone—you don’t need a Kindle Unlimited account to get the book. There’s a free reading app available for download on the book page. You don’t need a Kindle to read Dirty Hot.
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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful first week of 2019. Let’s polish this off with some stimulating reading and a nap.