Erotic Author Loves RIVERDALE—Aguirre-Sacasa’s hot Archie Comics update

First,  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa possesses stunning talent. I discovered him via his eerie, wicked, and delightfully twisted Sabrina comics. I devoured the available digital episodes and keep watching for more. I need more.

Finding Riverdale on Netflix led to staying up till 5am binge-watching most of the first season. I don’t stay up all night often, but I couldn’t stop. Be warned, the show is that good, and that addictive.

In addition to the high-caliber writing—this man has the storyteller’s gift—Riverdale combines a diMV5BOGQxZDljZTktMzNlMC00NDFjLWI0ZmMtMmU0OTFkMDU0ZjNjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQ2MDI5NjU@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_verse, hot cast with a delicious mix of retro small town, an updated gritty vibe, and loads of secrets radiating from a shocking crime.

It’s Archie comics go Gothic. The show captures a lot of the visual aspects and high school issues of the original comic books, and brings the whole gang into the present. Age gap relationships, interracial dating (without making it a big deal, love it), accusations of forbidden love, dirty dealings, a dangerous gang of bad boys, older bikers, a few true creeps, girl power, women in strong roles–including the mayor, Josie and the Pussycats, and Veronica’s mother. Class and race issues affect the dynamics in the town and are handled well, fitting the new Riverdale world and the high entertainment value of the series.

It’s high school, all grown up. Riverdale got to me so good, I’m already planning to watch all of it again.

I enjoyed the addition to the gang, Betty’s gay friend. The gay sidekick has become a cliche, yet it works here. At a time when we’re seeing an erosion of rights in the US, the inclusion of gay and lesbian characters matter. LGBTQI and so on youth have a drastically higher suicide rate than straight cis-gendered students. People perceived as outsiders continue to experience bullying, violence, sexual assault, harassment, bigotry, and marginalization. Representation that values a wider range of people than those traditionally considered worthy can make a difference in the self-esteem of viewers–and foster better attitudes by breaking dehumanizing stereotypes.

The cast also includes a BBW befriended by a popular teen and a wonderful portrayer of Jughead as a weird, creative guy from the wrong side of the tracks. I enjoy his voice narrating some key events as the writer of the group. As someone who grew up creative in a dysfunctional family, Jughead’s character hit a lot of nerves, in a good way.

Riverdale 2nd season

Also, it has to be said, Archie has abs. 

I know what I’m doing tonight.

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BTW, Riverdale is available on DVD and on the CW.