Menage Erotica: 2 or More Men on 1 Woman

Alright, now I know. For some of you, one man is not enough. Teasing, although I’m intrigued and titillated that my most popular series world-wide is the one that begins with HUGE menage scenes, Billionaires Club Interracial BDSM. That one starts with Sold: Brittani Serves Black Men, which is available for free on most major online bookstores. My blue-collar hunks and therapists 3-on-1 books remain popular, too: The completed 4-episode Truckers series—also available as the Truckers Collection, Mechanics standalone, and Shrinks standalone. How about some love for the classic threesome, aka, menage a trois or three-way?

Hard Hats new
Hard Hats is available on your favorite bookstore with an updated cover, minor corrections, and fresh formatting.

I’m fond of iconic, lusty actress Mae West’s timeless line:

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

In honor of the longevity of the hot, delicious and fulfilling pleasure of two men at once, here’s Hard Hats. This is an interracial short read with mild BDSM and detailed three-way action.

I updated Hard Hats, so you can see that two men actually can be enough, when they’re big, good with their hands, and the right kind of take-control studs. Untouched Kirstin gets lost in a construction zone on her first trip to Las Vegas. Good thing a former football player stud finds her.

The three characters are all hot and close in age.

This sexy short isn’t on sale, except on the fabulous Smashwords, because they make it easy to change prices with coupons. If you’re in the mood for a hot read, your purchase will support the writing and publishing of more wicked-hot dirty books.

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