The Billionaires Club Books 1-3: An Interracial BDSM bargain FMMMM+

Get my new release, The Billionaires Club Books 1-3. It collects SOLD: Party Toy, Auction: No Protection and Owned: Bare Show in  one volume. These are nasty Dark Fantasy adventures with explicit interracial huge menage scenes, fetishes, BDSM and paranormal suspense. They even have a dash of romance and HEAs for each heroine. 🙂

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Dark Erotica ~ Ganged

Escape to an exclusive club on a private island and experience dirty, risky entertainment. Just sign his contract for a night of public submission, and a charismatic hunk will solve your problems.

Gabe’s a damaged man with psychic skills he uses to find desperate girls. He takes a girl who will do almost anything for his help and gets her to agree to put on a show for his billionaires club. 

SOLD: Party Toy

The tall, arrogant stranger didn’t just undress me with his eyes, he used me right there on the pavement. Deviant desires radiated from him.
He pulled a black leather dog collar out of his pocket and handed me a contract.
The wind swept a bottle down the runway and blew my skirt up. It was hard to read with his dark eyes looking right through my underwear and into my secret places.
I liked his smile. I needed the money. I signed the contract.
He put the collar around my neck and buckled it.

If you like dark erotic fantasies, kinky alpha billionaires, paranormal suspense, fetishes — and no-entrances-barred rough and risky group interracial action with a white woman at the center, you’ll love Q. Zayne’s scary-hot adventures at The Billionaire’s Club. There’s even hard and unprotected true love. 🙂

Sold smAuction - Doctor sOWNED - Ex Cons 5

These are the covers of the singles of Books 1-3.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this series. SOLD was the book that took off and let me know that I could breathe again after months of scraping for survival in the wake of Amazon’s KU2 change in borrowing payouts. This was also the series that began gaining reader reviews.

After more than a year of publishing to a great deal of silence, I began to have a sense of connection with readers. That’s been so gratifying. A recent reader review on Capture: Wrecked Innocent moved me because I took major risks with that book. I had no idea how readers who were following the series would take it. To read that it was someone’s favorite book in the series was an emotional moment.

I keep dropping walls and being more open as I share my inner worlds in these books. It’s a naked place, revealing secret thoughts, core turn-ons, emotional needs.

I hope you enjoy The Billionaires Club. These books aren’t for everyone. In a way, that’s the point. For months I studied the top-selling Kindle erotica list. Most of it wasn’t, and still isn’t, remotely erotic to me. I kept reading advice on forums to ‘write to the market.’

To be honest, I’m easily bored. I have to be engaged with what I’m writing. So the advice to do what everyone else is doing never appealed to me. It seems like there is more than enough copycat fiction to satisfy readers who want that stuff for several generations. I do pay attention to trends and incorporate some popular elements, but you won’t find a formula read or yet another rehash of 50 Shades of Gray in my work.

What you will find are people with intense desires, characters who feel and grow as much as they kink and fuck.

They even experience love. There’s a lot of raw, dark reality in this series. That’s my ground. People who are easily upset would do well to avoid these books.

But you, dear adventurous reader, you’re the one I’m writing for. Welcome to my world.


Books 5 & 6. Each book is a standalone. These two feature virgins:

Bound 8bCAPTURE 4

Update: Bought, book 5, and Hunted book 6 are now available. They’re both novellas for those of you who like a long one.:)