Erotica for All

From the beginning of my self-publishing adventure I’ve been excited to discover readers in other parts of the world. As a kid I enjoyed foreign stamps and coins, and I still get a rush when I see other countries on my Amazon statements and WordPress views. I know, geek alert. Given that Amazon is an international marketplace, it makes sense to reach beyond the U.S. with my erotic book promotions. While exploring ways to expand my marketing, I discovered Erotica for All.


First off, great concept. As I mentioned in the welcome page here, my vision for publishing was omni-sexual at the beginning. Sales figures have resulted in a catalog weighted toward MF books. A few of them have bi scenes with MMF or FFM encounters. This appealing website includes a variety of erotic options.

This Uk-based site is one of the few ebook promoters I’m familiar with that posts Amazon book links for more than one country. It makes me happy to see my books listed there with direct Amazon links for readers outside the States. Site creator Lucy Felthouse delivers a clean layout with a variety of content to appeal to readers and writers. Her site features reviews, interviews, and new release notices.

I found an insightful interview with erotica author M. Christian there and subscribed on the spot. I’m selective about subscribing to newsletters and blogs because my multiple in boxes take time away from writing. This site is worth the time.

B Club 4 blu tintThey’ve been announcing my recent releases, including the latest episodes of The Billionaires Club, our paranormal novella collection, His to Keep, and The Billionaires Club: Books 1-3. My listings there include links to the countries where I have the most erotica readers. 🙂

The banner above will open the site in a new page if you want to check it out and come back. Whether you enjoy reading or writing erotic fiction — or both — you’ll find inspiring and fun options at Erotica for All.

What do you do to find readers, or hot books, in other countries?