Erotic Adventure: Innocent Captive ~ Older Man Younger Woman

Innocent Captive: Mayan Apocalypse Forbidden Rituals takes place in the Yucatan. I went back to my horror roots with this one, and it features a bisexual heroine. It’s a scary-hot adventure through a remote jungle and twisted passions. Readers who eInnocent Captive smnjoy my Billionaires Club series, be sure to look inside and consider whether you’ll be happy with a book that doesn’t have a romance. There’s heat, a smart heroine, a missing Latina girlfriend, a billionaire, and a hunky former priest, yet this book is intense dark fantasy. My all-time most popular book, Virgin Captive, has reviews that reflect the ambivalence of some readers.

The first review on this book delighted me: “[…]  Q. Zayne has become one of my favorite writers. The sex is raw and thrilling, It makes me want more!!!!” LM Kindle Reader

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Innocent Captive on Amazon AU  Amazon Australia has surpassed Amazon UK to become the second largest source of Hughes Empire book sales. I love you back. 🙂

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My lover Lena’s missing and my expedition to find her feels cursed.
Deep inside a hidden Mayan temple, an ancient Evil with an unspeakable hunger for virginity and blood waits to hear Blair scream. Even the most trusted mature men have breaking points, cracks that give way to the inner beast. On a secret quest in the jungle’s heart, her godfather and former priest change beyond recognition. No one is safe.

I’d never seen a man look so beautiful. He reached into his satchel and brought out a long stone with rounded ends. I leaned closer. Carvings decorated the shaft: Mayan glyphs and a serpent. The snake’s jaws formed its head, complete with teeth.

This novella-length episode ends on a cliffhanger. The story continues in Punished Captive, the forthcoming second episode of the Mayan Apocalypse serial.

All characters are 18+ and readers should be, too, due to strong sexual content, off-limits desires, dark themes and disturbing imagery. Trigger warning. People prone to being upset or offended by dark material should not read this book. Adventurous readers, enjoy. Q.

BTW, I’m bisexual.

This is how it begins:

I stepped to the altar and touched the rough stone. Hundred of years ago girls like me came here and gave more than their virginity. They gave their lives. I shuddered, picturing the bloody rites. Vertigo spun me back in time. The ancient priest held a heart aloft, ripped from between a virgin’s breasts, blood dripping down his arm.

As in a dream, he lifted me and laid me on the altar. I shook on the cool stone. He peeled off my panties, exposing me, and pulled my legs wide apart. He fastened my ankles and my wrists with ancient shackles.

What was he going to do? And what if he couldn’t get the shackles off of me?

I shuddered, but it was too late for regrets. He stroked my hair out of my face, his touch and expression so tender, only for me. All the rest of the world fell away, leaving us alone in this strange silence. The temple smelled damp and old, older than the oldest bones ever found, older than wonder.

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Virgin Captive is available on Amazon. It will soon appear at multiple online bookstores.

I spend a chunk of every week immersed in ancient cultures. Right now I’m getting up to date on the contemporary terrain where the ancient Mayans built their enduring cities. I’ll be finishing the other books in the serial while visiting temples, ball courts and cenotes. Like many other people grappling with the financial pressures of startups, I’ve concluded that I can increase my odds of survival by spending more of my time in places with a relatively low cost of living.

It stuns me that I can live better by traveling instead of continuing to struggle for subsistence in California. It’s going to be quite a trip. Come along for the ride.

 Update: Virgin Captive is available on Smashwords, Apple itunes / ibooks, Google Play, and more book retailers to come. If you enjoy it, please review it on your favorite online bookstore. Thank you!