Submission Island 2: Seduced ~ Sequel to Spanking Releases 3/31

Spanking, the first episode of Submission Island, is already one of my most popular books in two years of bringing you hot, character-driven erotica.

Meet a smart, curvy, inexperienced submissive and a guarded dom at a BDSM island resort for the super wealthy. Cleo is half-Egyptian and named for Cleopatra. She has a tedious job and she’s stung from a breakup. One thing about her ex, though, he knew how to give a delicious spanking. Twenty-eight year-old Cleo needs an adventure. She finds a hot, risky, intense experience at Submission Island. Her adventure goes far deeper than the carefree Caribbean fling she had in mind.

Marcus gets past Cleo’s guard. He’s not only hot as hell, he understands her. His patience and tenderness combined with exquisite, stinging and deep attention push her over the edge in all the right ways.

Get ready for Cleo’s next visit to the Mansion of Desire—and her exploration of the island’s ancient secrets.

Seduced 7



If you haven’t read Spanking yet, get it on Amazon for $2.99 or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited for three months only.